Tour Isle of Capri

Things to do in Capri

  • 1Visit the famous Blue Grotto for its amazing turquoise waters.
  • 2Visit the Villa San Michele in Anacapri where remnants of ancient Roman ruins have been incorporated into the villa.
  • 3Descend the 800 Phoenician Steps that take you from Anacapri to the beach below.
  • 4Take in the ruins of ancient Rome at Villa Jovis on Mt Tiberio or the Baths of Tiberius near Marina Grande.
  • 5Sip on the local delicacy, limoncello, a delicious lemon ice.

The island of Capri is the stuff from which legends are made. Perched on the southern tip of Italy’s Amalfi coast, it has everything the world-weary tourist could possibly ask for: turquoise blue seas as the backdrop to sun drenched white villas, a moderate Mediterranean climate and an abundance of breathtaking natural features.

Perhaps the most famous tourist spot on Capri is the Blue Grotto. Visited since ancient Roman times, the Blue Grotto can only be accessed by row boat. Once inside, the iridescent blue water looks spectacular. The magnificent colour is caused by the refraction of sunlight on the water.

After visiting the Blue Grotto, it pays to head around the coast to see the Faraglioni rock formations. Frequently identified with tourist photos of Capri, these natural rock formations rise straight out of the sea.

After spending a morning surveying the beautiful beaches of Capri, you can head into Anacapri, the highest town on the island, for a refreshing limoncello, a delicious lemon flavoured ice confection. Stroll around the array of shops and cafes in the town centre before visiting Villa San Michele. The villa was built by Axel Munthe, a Swedish writer, in the late 19th century. Once the site of an ancient Roman villa, pieces of the ancient ruins are visible in the garden and atrium. From the garden you get stunning views of the harbor, cliffs and sea.

After your visit to Anacapri, and if you’re up to it, you can descend the Phoenician Steps, 800 steps that will take you to the beach.

During his reign, the Emporer Tiberius built 12 elaborate villas on the island for his family and noblemen. Remnants if these villas still remain; in particular, Villa Jovis which is situated on Mt Tiberio with stunning ocean views. Near Marina Grande you can also see the Baths of Tiberius and the Sea Palace.

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