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Things to do in Burma (Myanmar)

  • 1The hustle of the Chiang Mai night market
  • 2Soak in the sights at Doi Suthnep
  • 3Explore the Burma War Museum
  • 4Learn the sordid history of the Death Railway
  • 5Climb the antiquated stairs and uncover hidden secrets in Pagan

Popular Cities & Places to Visit in Burma (Myanmar)

Visiting Burma

Burma has emerged from a shroud of suppressive force, teetering on the brink of advertising its presence to the intrepid world, and pulling back to rebuild slowly, as militant control declines and a culture spared the burden of rapid modernisation provides an escape for those who desire a closer look at Myanmar.

Bordered by China and Thailand, the country holds sway over the imaginations of history and political experts, long attracting analysis and attention to its serene shores on the Bay of Bengal. And while the temperamental bygone eras of immolation, war and imperialism may confront the uninitiated, Myanmar is so much more than the unconquerable appetites of men.

Popular Cities to Visit

  • Mandalay
  • Yangon (Rangoon)

Increasingly safe to travel, Myanmar offers an elegant experience free from technological accoutrements; while ATM’s are an everyday occurrence back home, you’d be hard pressed to find a mobile phone, let alone of these wondrous machines – and mobile towers to support your own device? Few and far between.

Cars too, are extraordinarily rare, though you will become accustomed to the braying call of horses and donkeys, pulling market wares along the Ayeywarwady River – it’s old world charm spliced with an aromatic culture, textured cuisine and a religious reverence epitomised by the sloped towers and spires of the Pagan Pagodas and Temples. 

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Plundered by time, climate and imperialism, Bagan is an ancient capital dating back to the 9th century, boasting over 2200 surviving Buddhist temples for you to marvel over and explore.

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