Burgundy Tours

Things to do in Burgundy

  • 1Be caught in the fairy tale of Notre Dame.
  • 2Pack a picnic to sample on the lawns Jardin de Cassandra.
  • 3Walk the road of Paleolithic era hunters and climb the La Roche de Solutre.
  • 4Take a walk and join the cooling spray of the Briscou Cascade.
  • 5Dive into the local histories and enjoy the grounds of Chateau de Chastellux.

Visiting Burgundy

Burgundy is a region of gastronomic romance, espousing the merits of hearty flavours, fine bodied red wines and a welcoming table culture. While Boudreaux attracts the refined viticulture savants of the modern world, Burgundy is littered with prominent winemakers and historical names, crowning collectors shelves with their fruity alchemy.

From the elegance of Dijon, patterned by renaissance architecture and medieval mansions, to the gothic cathedrals of Auxerre, Burgundy is a resplendent tapestry sewn into the fabric of inland France.

Must-See Places

  • Dijon
  • Cathedrals of Auxerre
  • Cathedrale St Etienne
  • Les Caves Baily Lapierre
  • Rues de Forges for old world atmosphere
  • Musee des Beaux Arts de Dijon
  •  Musee de la Vie Bourguignonne

The French are reputed to be pendants for the truly sublime, planning each detail meticulously; Cathedrale St Etienne is a testament to flawless design and execution, built over three centuries, proving a stayed first stop on an unforgettable journey into the Burgundy countryside. After reigning in your awe, step into the yellow hued Les Caves Baily Lapierre for an otherworldly experience.

Picking your feet up and onward to Dijon, stop by the gorgeous Rues de Forges, a charming quarter weighted by an old world atmosphere; if you love museums, even if you don’t, you must dive into the free and very fine Musee des Beaux Arts de Dijon and Musee de la Vie Bourguignonne.

Oh, and the wine. Wine travellers will be particularly pleased, receiving a lion’s share of tours and tastes to spoil any palate.

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