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Things to do in Buenos Aires

  • 1Take an authentic tango lesson from local masters.
  • 2Explore the historically chic streets of Recoleta.
  • 3Tempt your inner art critic at the Museo Nacional De Arte Decorativo.
  • 4Pick up a bargain or an expensive buy on Palermo Soho.
  • 5A tour of Palacio Barolo will leave you wanting more.

The concrete jungle of Argentina awaits, hiding a tantalising array of contradictions for travellers to wrap their sense of adventure around. Adventure can mean different things in BA, though the extreme is within your grasp; from kitschy corner cafes in the classic corridors of the old quarter, to the blitzing lights and buzzing shopping centres of style savvy, metropolitan suburbs, BA has something for every speed, including slow and steady view seekers.

A cauldron of experiences, Buenos Aires doesn’t take itself too seriously, though expresses a deep sentimentality and spirituality; you cannot visit BA without adding a church or two to your schedule. If you’re not a cathedral lover, make an exception and put aside an hour to explore Basilica de Santisimo; though the external architecture is imposing, walking through the grand wooden doors will transpose your first impressions for one of admiration. The interior is divine and eye catching. If you seek entertainment, the Teatro Colon is a world renowned destination for show lovers, as the stage hosts world class plays and operas regularly. The acoustics alone are bewitching to the ears. Spirit inspired? Check. Creatively stimulated? Check. What’s next? Take a turn around the lush lawns of Paseo del Rosedal, a garden oasis in the middle of the city and catch a few minutes to breath, relax and enjoy the sunshine. The possibilities are endless.

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