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Things to do in Bangkok

  • 1April early-birds are in for a treat, as the traditional Thai New Year (Songkran Festival) lifts off.
  • 2Sample a crunchy, many-legged bug on Khao San Road.
  • 3Invest in a tailored suit or dress for a sharp look without the price-tag
  • 4Witness the wonder of the Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • 5Work away the knots of travel with a Thai Massage Class

The island romanticism of Thailand ebbs into Bangkok, a dazzling spice store of local foods, friendly people and iternary grabbing attractions, the capital has transformed from an international stop-over on the way to elsewhere, into a thriving centre of innovation, tourism and sà·nùk.

 Sà·nùk? Fun. Light-hearted, jubilant curiosity and the unspoken philosophy of the local people – imagine, a neighbourhood built on exploration, taste explosions and good-natured market haggling. The pulse of Bangkok is buried beneath your feet, as farangs and locals occupy cunning corners, hidden from those who cannot be bothered with the path less travelled.  Traditional Bangkok tours tap temple hot spots (Wat Phra Kaew), picturesque palaces (Dusit Palace) and hours of thrift shopping, twisting through souvenir stands and bargain bags. Take a step away from your laurels, now another, and another, until the fiesta-filled underbelly of the urban sprawl kicks in and Chinatown reveals an impromptu concerto, a hair-raising rickshaw ride or a sedated cruise down the Chao Pryer River. Take a break from the tourist circuit and learn a combat move in a Muay Thai display, devour an art house movie at the APEX or test your stomach (and senses) against the assorted palate of street vendors.

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