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  • 1Visit the amazing Bangalore Palace with a mix of Windsor Castle accents beside traditional Indian architecture.
  • 2Close by is Attara Kacheri (or the High Court), well known for its “Pompeiian red” walls.
  • 3Relax in the 300 acre Lalbagh Botanical Gardens where you’ll find examples of rare exotic plants and trees.
  • 4Visit any one of the 1000 + temples in and around Bangalore.
  • 5Bangalore is a mecca for shopping, featuring everything from luxury designer goods to ancient sari silks.

Bangalore, now called Bengaluru, is called the Garden City of India as well as India’s Silicon Valley -- Bangalore has the highest concentration of IT companies in India. Once considered to be Pensioner’s Paradise, the influx of young, energetic IT specialists has converted the city into a blend of the old traditional ways alongside the vibrant, energetic lifeblood injected by the IT brigade.

Start your Bangalore adventure by visiting Bangalore Palace; inspired by England’s Windsor Castle and built in 1887. The interior is an eclectic mix of English Tudor style architecture as well as traditional Indian interiors. Close by is Attara Kacheri (or the High Court) building, unmistakable due to its “Pompeiian red” exterior walls. Just a short walk further on is the Government Museum where you can see an exotic display of old paintings, coins, and sculptures.

To escape the heat and crush in the city, head out to Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Set on 240 acres, the Gardens contain an array of rare and exotic tropical and subtropical plants. The jewel of the garden is a majestic glasshouse, based on London’s Crystal Palace.

If experiencing the temples of India is one of your passions, then you’ll find over 1,000 temples in and around Bangalore. All you need is a map and good walking shoes to experience a large number of them.

The same can be said for shopping in Bangalore. With a young, cashed-up population, the city boasts a fabulous variety of multi-level shopping malls where you can find everything from luxury European designer goods to ancient silk saris. Many of the shopping malls also contain huge cinema complexes where you can catch up on the latest Bollywood blockbusters!

Bangalore is a city of stark contrasts; the old traditional architecture, temples and culture against the ultra modern architecture and contemporary trends of the new breed of India’s young and well educated.

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