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Thailand is bubbling with contradictions; from the sun tanned shores of Phuket, to the bustle of Bangkok, the landscape is beset by a startling variety of places to visit. Travellers have been attracted to Ayuthaya for centuries; originating as a royal trade port, ancient Ayuthaya is a relic of a golden age where winds determined a surging trade monopoly, mounted on a crossroads of three river systems; today, the streets are full of cars, tuk tuks and people… Oh, and elephants! Though its denomination is over, Ayuthaya is still present in the Thai psyche and emerging in the travel world as a destination for your bucket list.

 Your time in Ayuthaya will be dominated by royal ruins and once-resplendent Wats, beginning in the UNESCO listed Athuthaya National Park; hire a bike and pedal your way to the crumbling kingdom and marvel over the giant Buddha statue, gorgeous shrines and crumbling grandeur. Swap palaces for prayer and delve into the grounds of Wat Chaiwattanarm, an impressive Buddhist temple built in the early 16th century; lacking the loveliness of some of its Thai cousins, the Chaiwattanarm is often acknowledge as being intimidating and beautiful, boasting verdant grounds and a dedicated restoration process.  Wat Phra Mahthat however, is a curiosity purely because of the stone Buddha head cradled by a complex network of tree roots; travellers can’t help but stop and consider its placement before exploring the depilated though striking remnants of the temple. We’ve saved the best for last, and so should you, as you pedal the path around the ruins, stopping finally at Wat Yai Mang Khon, the resting place of a resplendent reclining Buddha and preserved stupas. Unlike the other stops on the trail, Khon is still alive with monks and believers, lending an air of past and present to the attraction.

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