Avignon Tours

Things to do in Avignon

  • 1Dazzle your visual senses with Les Luminessences D’Avignon.
  • 2Attend the spectacular Avignon Festival and join the festivities.
  • 3Treat yourself to a delightful tour of the Musee Calvet.
  • 4Cross the Pont Saint Benezet, a brigde witness to many conflicts.
  • 5Tour the ramparts of Le Palais Royal Avignon.

Visiting Avignon

When France appears in conversation, murmurs naturally inhabit the liveliness and loveliness of Paris, Nice and the Loire Valley, precious stones in a European tourism crown. And while some travellers are satisfied by merely a taste of the countryside, a true intrepid spirit will sought out the essence of France, beyond the sanitised experiences of a charmed majority.

The Avignon is a compelling destination, occupied by history, conflict, politics and natural splendour, bearing witness to social development, beloved from the era of troglodytes, through to the Romans and more recently, medieval papacy and renaissance, influencing the architectural blueprint of modern Avignon.

Must-Do Activities

  • View the Sunrise at Rocher des Doms
  • Palais des Papes
  • 12th century Notre Dam des Doms 

Thrumming with festivals, street performances and renowned theatres, Avignon continues to be a culturally relevant installation, signalling the crossroads of two traditionally important rivers.

Every location is scattered with must-sees and recommended stop overs; to understand the natural divinity of Avignon, a visit to Rocher des Doms on sunrise or dusk will imprint the region forever into your favourite memories series.

Take a stroll in the gardens, read a book under a tree and let Avignon seep into your soul, before satiating your spiritual curiosity at the Palais des Papes, a striking Gothic residence of a renegade 14th century Pope.

Even if you’re not a fan of churches or religious relics, the priceless frescoes within won’t disappoint; if you desire an iconic treat to wet your tastebuds, visit the 12th century Notre Dam des Doms cathedral, later adapted from its Spartan style to something more altogether opulent and memorable.

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