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If you're looking for an adventure tour where nature takes centre stage, head down under. Australia and the Pacific region have got it all – deep red canyons, rich rainforests, icy glaciers, pristine beaches and locals with really great accents.

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Australia Experiences

There's the Great Barrier Reef, where the rich underwater eco-system creates a colourful snorkeling carnival. There's the remote Kimberley wilderness, where massive cattle stations battle it out with rugged landscapes for supremacy. There's the fjords of New Zealand's South Island, where jagged pyramids jut from the water and waterfalls plummet over cliffs.

Culturally, the region is a melting pot. The indigenous aborigines of Australia have a history that spans over 50,000 years, but it's the more recent arrivals that make the place as multicultural as an airport – and rich with everything that brings. And the cities? They are cosmopolitan, thick with quirky boutiques, hip bars and urban-chic-grunge coffee vendors. Cram in as much as you can, but accept that you wont see it all. The place is so darn big.

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