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Things to do in Arusha

  • 1Ol Doinyo Lengai
  • 2Arusha National Park
  • 3Safari time! You must tour Tarangire National Park.

Visiting Arusha

Arusha is one of those cities you can’t escape; once you’ve arrived, no matter how hard you try, curiosity overcomes you and the perpetual safety of an air-conditioned hotel room is left behind. Though it lacks the majesty of the natural world, Arusha exudes seamless Tanzanian charm.

There is nothing quite like a people who will take the uncertainties of tourists and turn them to dust, as Arushans are generally a helpful bunch, bouncing with an endless energy. Before you settle into safari mode, allow Arusha a chance to unravel her secrets before your eyes and draw you in ever closer.

Ngurdoto Crater is blessed with abundant wildlife, pleasing visitors with unforgettable close encounters and a saturation of wildlife that is so diverse, so mind blowing, you’ll be back for more. You may not even leave. A boggy, mossy, emerald blanket of overgrowth and grasses, elephants are drawn to its vitamin rich resources, competing with hippos and water buffalo for prime watering position. 

Feeling up to a monumental challenge? Ol Doinyo Lengai has been shocking even the most experienced climbers straight out of their cocky speeches and over-awing them with  magnificent views and a  volcanic vast crater – oh, didn’t we mention, ODL is a volcano and very active!

If you prefer your exercise to be levelled out and planted on the ground, you cannot miss an Arusha National Park tour, brimming with photographic opportunities, wild species and memories you’ll keep under lock and key. Closer to the hotel, you’ll be spoiled with more shopping outlets than you need and some of the most mouth-watering restaurants in Tanzania.

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