Arequipa City Tours

Home of the resplendent Colca Canyon, Arequipa is a landscape of wonder, all you need is time to explore what it has to offer beyond the label.

Things to do in Arequipa

  • 1Trek to the summit of El Misti
  • 2Chachani Trek
  • 3The Monastry of Santa Catalina
  • 4Experience Peruvian cuisine in Arequipa

Visiting Arequipa

Peru has been weighing on the minds of adventurers for decades, as Lima attracts herds of travellers and an abundance of variety, dwarfed only by the legend of Macchu Piccu and the colonial contradictions of Couza. Although, to suggest to Arequipians their city is second or third to these iconic destinations would be inviting unreserved scorn; Arequipa is confident with its place on the city size podium, weighing in at second, though really, it’s a strong contender for gold when attitude enters the mix.

Perhaps the volcanoes dwarfing the dwellings and grandiose architecture below lend a brand of confidence to Arequipian locals, as rumblings from seismic activity underground barely shake the foundations of their self-certainty. You will come away from Arequipa feeling at peace with your adventure, your identity and maybe even strive to uphold the same esteem in your own life.

A two day trek to the summit of the explosive El Misti is a perspective altering quest, the views are absolute rapture and you’ll never see a sunset quite like the streaking oranges, fiery reds and exuberant pinks flowing across the horizon.

Although Misti is the darling of tour groups, if your legs don’t quite feel up to the commitment required, Chachani provides a singularly handsome experience and a panorama that you’ll want to absorb down to the last glorious detail. If trekking isn’t your thing, though we highly recommend a walk on the seismic side, the sprawling city offers many haunts and attractions to ponder.

The Monastery of Santa Catalina is a humble though spirited representation of quiet quirkiness, as cobalt blues clash with sunflower yellows and the eyes are dazzled. Or, if you’ve fallen in love with the food (Arequipa is the cultural hotspot for budding foodies), a visit to the Peruvian Cooking Experience is long overdue; learn how to make a mean Pisco Sour!

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