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Things to do in Antarctica

  • 1The potent presence of cruising the Drake Passage
  • 2A warming pint in the picturesque pub of Port Stanley
  • 3The explosive Zavadovski Island, a volcanic remnant and home to one of the largest penguin colonies in the world
  • 4Hike to the top of a slippery, awe tingling glacier and camp on the ice
  • 5Feel the rush of directing a dog-sled team and plow across the white continent

Popular Cities & Places to Visit in Antarctica

A tour of Antarctica is the last port of adventure, a gelid wilderness of blanketed snow and frigid, black-stoned bays; the windswept landscapes stitch a tapestry of icy peaks and plateaus, visual impossibilities almost, as the blue of a new day doesn’t lift or darken until well past midnight. Imagine that, a continent where time stands still, lost in cavernous fissures and languidly populated by a rich diversity of animal life. Many journey to the South Pole chasing the natural thrills of camping on the ice or sledding across the surface, a pack of dogs mushing and striding, driven by the primordial call of the wild. While there are pockets of complete serenity, inquisitive penguins will waddle in your wake, almost everywhere you go.

Climb aboard and settle in, as the whipping seas of Ushuala guide you down the icy, water path, to the driest continent in the world, pausing at the historical South Georgia to observe the broken down whaling and sealing settlements that punctuated the region in the early 20th century, before sailing away again to the tune of the humpbacks and sea birds circling above you. After another night on the tides, pause for day on Falkland Islands, the guard post of some of the worlds most interesting and charming fauna – remember to take your camera and don’t get too close, lest you spoil a perfect moment. You’ll spend several days at sea, so it’s the perfect time to work on those sea-legs, acclimatising yourself to the toss and turn of the oceans, and the frigid weather, frosting your breath with every exhalation – Antarctica is beautiful, glorious and certainly unforgiving.

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