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Antarctica is the final frontier, the world's biggest remaining wilderness. It is an astounding environment, vast and white and almost magical.

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There are not many places in the world that are exactly like their photos. Photos often show things at their best – sunrise, no people around, the road cropped out – and when you get there they are not quite as you imagined. But Antarctica is always photo perfect. There are no people. There are no roads.

The icebergs glisten in the sun, the water is deep and reflective, the snow is pristine and the wildlife is abundant. Albatross soar overhead.The penguins are mesmerizing to watch as they waddle awkwardly about their daily stone gathering, then dive into the water and transform into elegant streamlined creatures. 

It is a very special place that needs to be treated with extreme care. That's why all the Antarctica tours that we offer comply with regulations, and further, are examples of best practice eco-tourism. Protecting this beautiful, fragile environment is imperative.

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