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Things to do in Angkor Wat

  • 1Discover the 37 Heavens detailed in the Judgement of Yama (Southern Gallery)
  • 2View the famed Churning of the Ocean of Milk (Bas Reliefs)
  • 3Relive the Battle Between the Gods and Demons (North Gallery)
  • 4Explore the historic Women’s Quarters (Northwest Corner Pavilion)
  • 5Follow the brutality of the Battle of Lanka (West Gallery)

Visiting Angkor Wat

A short trek outside Siem Reap, Angkor Wat is the final, southern entry into Cambodia’s line of ancient Angkor monuments; a preserved palace of worship, Angkor Wat directly translates as City of Temples and indeed, it is a monumental metropolises of spiritual wonder, dedicated to the Hindu deity Vishnu, and the benevolent Buddha of Buddhism.

Some travellers are struck speechless by its endless corridors and catacombs, overcome by the sheer magnitude of the landmark and captivated by its exquisite artistic carvings, statues, frescoes and shrines.

Must-See Places

  • The Bas-Reliefs
  • Battle of Kurkukshetra

In 1586, an intrepid Portuguese monk stumbled across a wondrous temple and decided Angkor Wat was a place so extravagant and awe-inspiring he could not suitably describe its majesty or intricacies. Words cannot always replicate the beauty of ingenuity. The floor-plan is puzzling at first, an elaborate web of thoroughfares and narrow causeways, elevated towers, galleries, secret chambers, dazzling porches and hidden courtyards and so, so many staircases.

Be prepared for a workout! The Bas-Reliefs are absolutely spell-binding and should always be entered from the West. Why? There is a clockwise order to the fluid frescoes that will quell even the most unsettled feeling and promote an intangible inner calm. Take a walk to the west gallery and follow the detailed account of the Battle of Kurkukshetra or admire scenes of Ramayana in the southern pavilion. You will be lost in Angkor Wat for days on end, trying to sample the smallest detail, without a thought to the passing time.

Fleeting memories are not enough, the vast serenity must be savoured.

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