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Things to do in Amritsar

  • 1A vital ‘must-see’ is the Golden Temple in Amritsar, which draws more visitors than the Taj Mahal; one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
  • 2With Pakistan only 50km away, it’s much easier to make further travel plans around Amritsar and its neighbouring country.
  • 3With carpets being a huge industry in Amritsar, you can peruse a huge selection of quality, beautiful Indian rugs or carpets for very tempting prices.
  • 4For bird lovers, the Harike Wetland and Bird Sanctuary is situated just 70km from Amritsar and makes for a great day trip.
  • 5Soak up the sun and some rich Indian heritage by hiring a guide and taking going on the Amritsar Heritage Walk. You’ll love the sights and discover the amazing history behind the city.

Visiting Amritsar

Located on the border of Pakistan and India, Amritsar is well known for being the cultural and spiritual centre of the Sikh religion in the Middle East. Drawing travellers in droves to its humble yet glorious city centre, Amritsar is the home of the Harmandir Sahib or as it is known in the Western world, the “Golden Temple”.

Whether or not you are religious, this city is the ideal antidote to stress. Let your chakras flow and find your inner peace by walking serenely through temples and just letting yourself be free from inner turmoil. Once you become one with the self, there are many more things to fill your time.

Drop by the markets to peruse beautiful fabrics, rugs and handicrafts in vibrant colours, or instead experience the true taste of India by visiting the farmers markets for fresh produce and fine authentic delicacies.

From huge beige crop fields to lush, green gardens, Amritsar surely has it all: shopping, archetypal Indian architecture and the complete calm that it all evokes.

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