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Things to do in Alexandria

  • 1The trail of Citadel of Qaitbay
  • 2The Pompey's Pillar constructed in 297AD
  • 3Stroll the luxurious boardwalk of the Corniche; eat, shop and relax.
  • 4Explore ancient catacombs and enjoy the serene atmosphere of Kom el-Shouqafa.
  • 5Be dazzled by the sparkling opulence of the Royal Jewellery Museum.

Although its past glory can never be fully restored, intrepid holiday makers are notching up frequent visitor miles to the birthplace of the Cleopatra legend, founded by the ambitious Alexander the Great and a library so extensive and crammed with antiquity, every museum in Europe shudders with collective envy. Though the capital crown was switched to the comparatively uniform location of Cairo, Alexandria still retains vestiges of true magnificence, a real presence that just screams national capital. Will it be the starring city on your Egyptian adventure trail?

All who seek the streets of Alexandria are erudite, true knowledge savants, attracted to the collection of antiquities and historical accounts contained in the Library of Alexandria. Its original form was the most expansive of its time, rivalling the scholarship of Rome, as philosophers and scientists flocked to the city to swap drops of wisdom.

Much was lost when the library was sacked by the jealous Romans. If you picture yourself looking over tall ramparts, guarding a bay from attack, the Citadel of Qaitbay is a recognisable fixture on the tourist trail, built to protect the capital from invaders in the 14th century, prior to military subjugation.

Passing from the label of defences, royal prison and broken down palace; the restored citadel now acts as a museum. Perhaps the strangest juxtaposition of all is the case of Pompey’s Pillar, a sky reaching granite obelisk, honouring the Emperor Diocletian. Constructed in 297 AD, the column is framed by more obscure relics, including thought provoking sculptures.

Doesn’t sound bizarre? Look next door, to the large shopping precinct; the price of progress in a piece of cloth. What will you see first? While Alexandria is out of fashion now, it was once the darling of the Hellenic period and the site of many legends. Explore them for yourself.

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