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Wild Africa – a broad landscape where animals roam free, where lions prowl the Savannah and hippos wallow in the waterholes. Well... yes, those things are true. But look further. There's more to Africa than just the wildlife.

Highlights of Africa

This is a simply massive continent which is diverse, beautiful and endlessly fascinating. There's busy medinas of Marrakech, where buying a fresh orange juice is an experience in itself. There's the mud towns of Mali, where the architecture of the ancient mosques is utterly unique. There's the wineries of South Africa's cape, where modern food and wine sits with a glorious mountain backdrop.

There's the laid-back beaches of Mozambique, the rock-hewn churches of Ethiopia and the thunder of Victoria Falls. Another highlight is interacting with the local people and learning about their way of life – their traditional culture, subsistence, handcrafts and language – and their more recent adaptations.

Plus there's the wildlife. The gazelles, the gorillas, the giraffes. The buffalos, baboons and bonobos. The hippos, hyenas and hyraxes, warthogs, wildebeest and waterbucks. On safari you will see abundant wildlife going about their daily routine, and it is an absolute privilege.

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