The best places to eat in the world

Travelling appeals to more and more people nowadays because of the variety of interests it has linked to it. If you deem yourself an adrenaline junkie, then jumping the highest bungee jump in the world in New Zealand would be epic - or if you’re a cultural cat then wandering the Louvre museum in France would be a must. Yet, we all know a lot of travellers are lured to different food and cuisines when travelling, in fact some secretly only travel for food, but where do we start when it comes to best places to eat?

On the back of the 2017 Top 50 Best Restaurant Awards, we think it’d be right to throw in our two cents. It’s a hard one we know, but we are spoilt for choice when we weigh up the options. Our tummies were grumbling when we compiled this list together, so let’s take a look at the best places to eat in the world:



Most people visit Peru for its famous ruins of Machu Picchu and mysterious Nasca Lines, but there is a new reason why travellers are venturing into Peru, for cooking vacations! Lima is said to be the culinary capital of Latin America, and with Peru home to the world’s best ceviche it’s easy to see why. Central, a most notable restaurant in Lima, has recently been crowned Latin America’s Best Restaurant and prior to that was in the top 5 of worlds best restaurants list. With suckling pig and hot ceviche specialities, Central represents the food quarter in Peru with pride.


This choice won’t surprise anyone, with Italian food being an international cuisine for decades now. I mean, who takes a trip to Italy not mainly to try the food? Contemporary restaurants such as Osteria Francescana, which ranked in at #2 of the awards, go that step further in creating something special. Inspired by the head chef’s hometown of Modena, we couldn’t help but get hungry when we wrote this. Some dishes to note were, tagliatelle with hand cut meat ragu, intricate made Ravioli and home-made balsamic vinegar were on the menu. This is a top of the range choice but regardless of what food list you read today, there will always be an Italian choice or influenced involved.


If the Italians are known to give the world delicious carb-fused foods, then Japan can be known to give us delicious protein foods, and the best example of that is Sushi. Raw-fish might not be the first thing that comes to mind for most, but with the precision of the different kinds of Sushi available nowadays, ranging from chicken to beef to egg stuffed sushi rolls, there’s a variety for everyone. Yet, sushi isn’t the only Japanese delights to mouth-water over. Miso soup is a light dish to illuminate all the typical Japanese flavours in one, whilst tempura has been re-engineered from the Portuguese with seafood thinly deep fried. If you fancy a late night snack, then noodle-clad Ramen is a clear choice with Mugitooribu in Tokyo a restaurant making waves.


Considering all countries that are originally Latin, Mexico still is #1 when it comes to being at the top of eating cake. The style of Mexican food that is known to us all have unlimited possibilities when it comes to variety and style, including tacos, enchiladas, guacamole and burritos. Yet, Mexico has other exciting luscious options such as chilaquiles, tostadas and the famous Mexican sauce mole. If you happen to be in the capital, you might want to embark on a food tour. Within Mexico City, Club Tengo Hambre is the one to choose according to Forbes, with some of the best Tacos al pastor you’ll ever try.


Although other countries in South America might contest the lack of variety, Argentina is still an easy choice to add to the list. The reason being is the country has arguably the best steak known to man. Not only that, with places such as Mendoza boasting incredible wine, along with several wine tours, Argentina just edges to be #1 in South America in our book. If want a good steak, look no further than to Buenos Aires. With steak options in abundance here, it won’t be uncommon that you’ll be eating the best steak you’ve ever had. Don Julio is a popular choice, although many more options are appearing due to the rise in tourism. Add in a trip to Mendoza’s wineries and you’ll find yourself on a food and wine holiday like no other.


The sheer size of the United States and the 50-odd different states creates a cauldron of good food. From all-American dishes such as pot roast, meatloaf, mac n cheese, cheeseburger, Buffalo wings and southern fried chicken, you’ve got so many choices that definitely fill the spot; no one goes hungry after eating out in the States. Even if you were to head to NYC, the city that never sleeps, grabbing a slice of typical NYC pizza is mandatory. Eleven Madison Park is currently #3 in the world of Best Restaurants, so the USA doesn’t pull up punches when it comes to food.

Hungry? Us too. Head on a food tour if this got your taste buds going.