Argentina - what to do, what to see

If someone asks you what there is to do for each country in South America, you’d hear things like Machu Picchu for Peru and the Galapagos Islands for Ecuador. Yet the first answer you’ll probably get for Argentina will be to visit Buenos Aires. Although we absolutely love Buenos Aires, we feel there is a lot more to explore and see throughout the country. With the country having incredible waterfalls, world-class terrain, fantastic wineries and sports mad, we take a look at the things to do in Argentina.

The Impressive Iguazu Falls

Cascades of waterfalls relentlessly crashing down into the depths below create the cracks in the middle of Iguazu National Park. Bordered with Brazil and Paraguay, it is Argentina’s most visited waterfall. Take a ‘cruise’ trip below, riding under some of the falls, as you’ll undoubtedly get a little wet. Iguazu, is a mesmerizing experience that’ll stick in your memory forever. If you visit Argentina, this is a must do and definitely a bucket list item.

Los Glaciares National Park

If there were a place on earth that you felt was out of this world, it’s fair to say Patagonia would probably fit that bill. Shared with neighbouring Chile, Patagonia is scarce, vast, open and empty, but non-the-less spectacularly beautiful.  Located in the dramatic ice-inflicted Los Glaciares National Park, where activities such as ice-hiking, cycling, boat trips and 4x4 are popular, Glacier Perito Morena is also visually stunning and one of the most desired and unique things to do in Argentina.

Reserva Faunistica Peninsula Valdes

For a variety of activities and fun in Argentina, especially when it comes to wildlife, look no further to Patagonia’s UNESCO Heritage site Peninsula Valdes. One of the best in the whole of South America, whales, dolphins, penguins, seabirds, seals and sea lions are all a family here. If being outdoors is your thing, this is one of the most popular things to do in Argentina.

Buenos Aires

There are many things to do in Argentina, but we have to be honest, no visit would be worthy without a visit to the capital Buenos Aires. The top 5 things to do in Buenos Aires are eating steak, shopping, tango dancing, watching sport and enjoying the thrilling nightlife scene. Where can you do this? Well, go out in Palermo, eat in San Telmo and wander through Avenida Corrientes. If you can, head to a soccer game watching River Plate or Boca Juniors, and if the rugby is held here, Argentina have a decent side so you won’t be disappointed in entertainment. For quirky places in Buenos Aires, don’t miss exploring other suburbs such as Belgrano and La Boca. With so much to do, and a cosmopolitan vibe, we like to call Buenos Aires, the Melbourne of South America.  

Tip: One unusual thing to do in Buenos Aires is visit Recoleta Cemetery, the City of the Dead. Eerie yet fascinating, the famous remains of Eva Peron lie here.

Wine Mendoza

Mendoza accounts for nearly two thirds of Argentina’s wine production, so if you do visit Mendoza it’s great for an outdoor activity in Argentina, coupled with a wine tour at the same time. Malbec and Cab Sav are two of the wines made here, based in the Andes, these vineyards are situated at some of the higher altitudes in the world. So, not only will you get to try some of the world’s best wine, but also with the epic backdrops here, you have a view to go with!

Tango Dancing

Even if you’re not the best dancer in the world, you’re in Argentina of all places, so give it a try! Tango is one of the sexiest, coolest and intricate dance types in the world. Buenos Aires is the home to Tango, with bars and venues holding Tango dancing for show regularly. If you make it to La Boca, throughout those colourful streets where the restaurants and bars lay, Tango shows will be live during the day and night no doubt. Although Tango is well known throughout Argentina, it’s still one of the quirky things to do in Buenos Aires, whether you’re at it yourself or merely watching.

Mar Del Plata

Although Argentina is known for it’s exciting cities and unmatched terrain, you’ll be glad to know beaches do exist here. Despite not being typically associated with beach life, places such as Mar De Plata are a couple hours drive from BA, and are in particularly at their best during summer months from November to March. A place that attracts the livelier of traveller, and the middle to upper class of locals with an array of accommodations, resorts, bars and restaurants close by – Mar Del La Plata is for an exciting trip. If you fancy doing some sporting activities, scuba diving, golfing and fishing trips can be done here.

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