The world's best street food

19 April 2017

The world's best street food

There are many factors that make travel so popular the different cultures, terrains, religions and people, but one of the main reasons is the food. Different cuisines are filtering through our countries like no tomorrow, so we're being exposed to the wonderful different flavours of the world. 

The love for street food adventures has never been bigger, with people travelling far and wide for their tastebuds to get in on the action. What this does is create more and more emerging 'foodies' in the world, and well I think we're all a bit of a foodie at heart.

With that in mind, street food is one that makes eating a little more interesting, as it brings out a more immersive experience. The hustle and bustle of a night market in Thailand or the wonderful smells of herbs and spices from markets in India will make street food not just a place to eat, but also an activity in itself.

We thought we'd pick out some of the worlds best street food by country and be Anthony Bourdain for the day, so let's take a look: 


Widely thought to be the biggest reason behind Thailand’s booming tourism, the street food in Thailand is some of the best in the world without question. Especially in bustling Bangkok, the world’s most visited city, where you have markets galore on pretty much every corner. Grab mouth-watering Pad Thai, Noodle Soup, or a Masaman Curry for as little as $2 to keep your taste buds alive. That’s just the tip of the iceberg too really; there are so many more dishes with influxes of meats, vegetables, herbs, spices, sauces and chilli. There is that much to choose from, you should have a new favourite dish everyday of your Thailand tour.


Conde Naste Traveler named Singapore as #1 for cities in the world with the best street food, so they must be doing something right. Bourdain himself once came to explore the Singapore food scene, and praised the simple but tasty Hainanese Chicken with rice. That wasn’t exactly new to Singaporeans or experienced foodies, but it certainly put Singapore high on the map. Spicy Laksa is the most popular dish on show here, a tangy noodle soup. Singapore also boasts a lot of Indian cuisine too, so if you like your curries too, you’re in for a real treat.


If you’ve travelled around the regions of Southeast Asia, you’ll always hear a whisper or two that Vietnam has great (and cheap) street food on offer. Pho, the beef noodle soup always gets a mention, but with Banh Mi baguettes, filled with pate, pork, salad and some chilli for as little as a $1, you’re know you’ve got it good. Street eating and drinking is quite a popular thing in Vietnam, especially in places like charming Hanoi in the north. The Old Quarter boasts tons of street markets and mini districts for you to sit down and enjoy some local cuisine.


Penang in Malaysia’s street food scene is the best in the country and we can see why. Fish head curry is one delicacy known to locals and devoted foodies so if you’re a seafood lover that has to be top of your list. If you’re more of meat or vegetarian fan, then as most places in Asia, there’s so much variety you’ll have abundances of fresh street food markets to make your choices from.


In terms of appearance, there probably aren’t as many colourful markets in the world than what you can see in Morocco. The colours compliment the luring smells that make Morocco a foodie’s haven. Moroccan culture is a mix of French-Spanish-Arabic so as far as the food is concerned, its one big exotic hotpot of ingredients. Tajine and cous-cous will be always on every street food market corner, consisting of chicken, olives, spicy harissa, almonds and a dab of citrus. Your mouth will implode with flavour and eating this means you’re basically a local!


Mexican food is an international cuisine; it’s everywhere and has so much variety. I mean, even if you just stick to Taco’s, you’ve got so many to choose from, plus the spices and sauces to go with. The taco scene is the most popular in Mexico it has to be said, with taco’s going for less than $1 for one. If you’re a seafood fan, we particular like the seafood taco’s there, the ceviche is so good (and healthy too).


The French street food markets are undoubtedly some of the best in Europe, and on the planet. Whether you’re buying fresh produce to cook up your own storm in the kitchen, buying fresh seafood from markets in French Riviera or just buying cheese, baguettes and ready to eat meat, France will not disappoint. Suprisingly not that expensive as you’d imagine, if you go to France, expect to put on a little!


Pizza and pasta are two of the most liked dishes in the world. I mean, who do you know who doesn’t like at least one of them? Food markets in Italy are something else too, with freshly baked Pizza’s or slices particularly popular in cities like Rome. Italy, like France, has easily some of the top cuisine in Europe. If you like your Italian carbs at home, imagine how good the original real stuff tastes like?