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10 ways travel affects you

2 February 2017

10 ways travel affects you

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions" -

- it makes sense to all travellers. Travel is built up more than ever nowadays, and there are all kinds demographics that can become a traveller. But the foundations still remain; travel allows you to see weird, wonderful and exotic experiences, which inevitably broaden your horizons and outlook on life. People gain new interests on the road and that could occur from the smallest of experiences, scuba diving with sharks or wandering the jungle with orangtuans. 

Apart from formal education, travelling is probably the most influential tonic you can experience in your life that makes you a better, more open-minded person.

We all love to travel, and we know it changes us, but in what ways exactly? How and where does it affect us?

We Become Open Minded

The biggest thing that travel allows us to experience is the pleasure of having an open mind. We understand more about others that people are people and everyone is different. We allow ourselves to mix with other nationalities and embrace a worldly experience that travel provides.

We Add New Interests

You may never have done much in the ocean but as soon as you scuba dive for the first time, you’re hooked! Travel allows us to do the things we would never have back home, it provides us with more avenues of interests.

We Become More Patient

Travel can be tough sometimes, and the way things work in our home countries may not be the case somewhere else. If you’re used to your train arriving on time at home, go to places in India and you might be waiting a while. Suck it up, take a deep breath and expect the unexpected.

We Understand Other Cultures More

Stereotypes, growing up are a big thing when we assess other nationalities. Through mass media is where we normally hear the worst stories and attitudes from other countries. Travelling allows you to meet real people from other countries and seek the truth. We understand more about other nations, people’s opinions, ways of being and their cultures. Travelling is the best way to understand that in a wider aspect internationally.

We Allow Ourselves To Let Go

Travel is freedom to a lot of people, and freedom allows us to let go. Forget the deadlines, or the emails, or what you’re expected to do, just be you in the moment. No one is travelling to pass judgement on one another; it’s quite the opposite. Everyone is aiming for their own experience, and that’s all you should be focused on.

We Inspire Ourselves For More

How amazing is it when we have experienced something incredible? We get proud of ourselves, it adds to our self worth. This has a knock on effect; it makes us strive for more. We want to be more successful, have more travels and good experiences. If you’re happy and have something to look forward to from travelling, it provides a better all round life.

We Become Less Worried Of Expectations

Expected to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends back home? Forget that, if you’re really embracing your travel experience, it really doesn’t matter. As human beings we tend to worry what others think, and in most cases its unwarranted. Less worry leads to a better life, and travel is the cause for that!

We Work Harder

Work hard, play hard is the saying, and however you look at this, it’s a great way to live. Travelling makes pretty much everyone who loves to travel incredibly happy. If you have more travel experiences to look forward to, naturally you will work harder in life, at work, in relationships and everything else. Travel is the release we all should have.

We Experiment and Face Fears

We try things maybe we wouldn’t normally do on the road. Whether it’s eating Balut in the Philippines or going for a skydive in New Zealand, would we push ourselves back home to do this? I don’t think so. Travel brings that encouragement to experiment and face our fears.

We Toughen Up

The amount of hours we take on trains, buses and planes, you learn how to toughen up. Not only that, being out of your normal comfort zone pushes you to deal with situations better and learn from them. Whether you’re a solo traveller keen to make friends, or you’re staying in a jungle all the uncomfortable elements, it certainly toughens you up mentally.

We Learn To Respect

There’s a certain respect that we tend to learn when we travel, to each other, to wildlife and to life itself. We respect others and learn that ‘each to their own’ is a real thing. Allow people to be. Understand certain rituals and ways of thinking. Our bubble, our upbringing doesn’t mean that is the only way there is. Travel creates respect and the more people who travel, the better world we live in.