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The best places for adventure in Central America

19 December 2016

The best places for adventure in Central America

Central America is right now up there with up and coming popular places to travel. It is not as though it has been unheard of it just hasn’t been thought of as a main place to travel when South America, Europe and SE Asia are all viable destinations. However, Central America is a cheaper and smaller than its Latin sister, South America, and to be honest it is a little less intense too.

Less intense means a little more loose, a little more fun and a little bit of adventure. Well, Central America has lots of adventure for you. Check out some of the main do’s you must do!

Sandboard Volcanos in Nicaragua

One of the most extreme and thrill-seeking activities in South America, Cerro Negro is an active volcano in Leon, Nicaragua. After you hike for about an hour up the 700 metre-some incline, you’ll take around 3 minutes to hit the bottom, and go at speeds of up to 50kmph! Not for the faint hearted…

Scuba Dive In The Great Blue Hole, Belize

If you’re one for the ocean then in Belize’s prime diving spot is the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. The Great Blue Hole exists here, a lagoon-like hole that has clear waters and deep caves.

Meet Whale Sharks in Honduras

If you’re still keen on being in deep blue, then head over to South America’s most popular dive spot, Utila. Whether you’re qualified or not, Utila is the Koh Tao of Central America but with added bonuses. Not only is it more affordable but also meeting beautiful creatures such as Whale Sharks is a given!

Surfing in El Salvador

Arguably the best surfing spots in Central America, La Libertad is one world-renowned spot to visit in El Salvador. With Pacific Coast to hit the waves, sometimes a little rugged and technical, La Libertad is popular to travellers.

Hike it all at Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

If you love to hike, if you love lush jungle and you are fascinated by exotic wildlife, look no further than Corcovado National Park. Although there are many options in Costa Rica, Corcovado is a pretty special place. From beach walks to waterfalls, and from coati’s, monkeys, snakes, crabs, crocodiles and even sharks, this is one of our favourites for sure!

Climb Cerro Quemado in Guatemala

With the best rock climbing in the country and also the option to mountain climb its near 4,000m peak; Cerro Quemado is for fine adventure lovers. It is actually an active volcano, very rugged and many daggered edges, fantastic for climbing!

White Water Raft in Panama

Panama’s rivers are known for their rare and remote beauty and Chiriquí Viejo is a prime example of that. Encounter the natural beauty of the mountainous area whilst getting a feel for the tropical climate as several rapids and waves will quickly hit you for a wild old ride!  

Zip lining and Cenotes in Mexico

Tulum is a favourite traveller area just a few hours from Cancun. Many people think Tulum is just for its ruins, but a laid-back and even hedonistic vibe convinces us to visit for a little longer. Zip lining doesn’t get much better as you descend into the unique underground water caverns that are cenotes! A buzz with a refreshing end is exactly what you need in hot and humid Mexico.