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11 unique experiences in South America

12 December 2016

11 unique experiences in South America

It’s no surprise South America is getting more and more popular. With an interconnected world we live in, the lust to venture to the Latin continent is too great to miss. With its mysterious historic cultures and large diverse terrains South America is a traveller’s dream.

I mean, who doesn’t want to go on an adventure like Indiana Jones, Lara Croft or Nathan Drake? These are all old and new fictional characters that have explored the ruins and relics of South America, and let’s face it, they’ve convinced us!

South America is a place you don’t just ‘finish’ or ‘do’; you always go back to it. Apart from the obvious world-known sites, there are so many more unique experiences to take here.

1) Huacachina, Peru

If you’ve ever watched cartoons or movies that include forms of mirages in them, you’d be right to think an Oasis would be fictional. Well, if you get on a tour in Peru and head over to Huacachina, you’ll see for yourself a real life Oasis settling surrounded by sizzling desert and sloped sand dunes.

2) Nasca Lines, Peru

Still unsolved, what exists in Nasca is truly remarkable. Several giant engravings into the ground depicting man and various animals have baffled historians and alike for years. What is more so, is that you can only truly see these from above. Take a flight and see them for yourself, quite extraordinary to think why they were made and who for, taking into account they were done centuries ago by ancient civilisations!

3) Kaeiteur Falls, Guyana

Guyana itself is a place not many travellers visit in the grand scheme of things when comparing how many visit the other countries in South America. This Caribbean-Latin country lies in the Northeast of the continent. It’s main natural jewel, Kaeiteur Falls is the worlds largest single drop waterfall and takes a chartered flights over 88% dense, untouched jungle to get there. Why oh why it doesn’t get more visitors is beyond us!

4) Lost City, Colombia

Year by year visiting Colombia’s Ciudad Perida and the Lost City is increasing in numbers, but it’s still an experience that is truly unique. Dash up and down steep declines, cross rope bridges, meet indigenous tribes and be transported across high river crossings by a human bird cage mechanism. If you want to feel like an adventurer, do this 5-day hike for sure.

5) Death Road, Bolivia

The name says it all, right? The world’s most dangerous road stretches from chilly tarmac highway roads with mammoth mountains to narrow gravel filled paths with death defying drops surrounded by the Andes green jungle. You won’t visit anywhere like it again!

6) Salt Flats, Bolivia

One of the more bizarre yet truly different places you can visit on earth, Uyuni Salt Flats is never ending – or so it seems. A salty desert with trillions of salt grains at all angles stretching out in every direction; this place is the type of terrain you’d expect on another planet.

7) Angel Falls, Venezuela

The world’s largest unbroken waterfall exists in Venezuela. Salto Angel, locally known is Angel Falls is deep into the jungle that takes a plane and boat just to get to the base. As you look up, you’ll be in awe of one of the world’s most spectacular natural sights.

8) Los Roques, Venezuela

If uninhabited white sandy beach islands are something you perceive as paradise, Venezuela’s Los Roques islands are the archipelagos for you. Just one hour from the capital Caracas by flight, Los Roques is simply stunning that are arguably have the best beaches in the whole of South America.

9) Atacama Desert, Chile

There are not many places in the world that enable you to look up to the sky with the billions of stars shining back with high definition viewing. Chile’s mesmerising Atacama Desert stretches for miles and is truly one of the most underrated spots in South America.

10) Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Unlike anywhere else in the world, the Galapagos boasts wildlife that only exists within the crusts of its precious islands. Wildlife here doesn’t really care about the human population, so it won’t be intimated by any of us! That’s all good though, it really is like going into a different world here.

11) The Amazonas

The Amazon is the heart of South America. Accessible from several different countries with routes from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru, the Amazon is sheer unique. Visit the roaming wildlife of caimans, howler monkeys, anacondas and pink dolphins whilst you pass through waterfalls, rivers and jungle terrain in a place where no-where in world is quite like it.