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Tick off your New Years Resolutions with these 9 active trips

9 December 2016

Tick off your New Years Resolutions with these 9 active trips

Make New Year's Resolutions that stick this year. Don't set the bar too high with a long list filled with crazy optimism.

Here's our helpful suggestion for your new, realistic New Year's Resolutions list:

  1. Get fit. (But, like, actually do it this year).
  2. Make the most out of every day. Travel. Live life to the fullest.

Let's just keep the list achievable and stop there. And here's how you achieve your resolutions. Plan a trip that includes a serious physical goal and start training for it – tick both resolution boxes and have a great time doing it.

Here's our top 9 suggestions for the best New Year's Resolution active trips

Cycle in glorious Provence

We're starting you off with a gentle, lavender-and-wine-filled option to make you see that resolutions don't have to be hard work. Provence is the perfect place to hop on a bike. Rolling hills, olive groves, cellar doors, museums and monasteries… no-one said your New Year had to be tough.

But if you're taking your fitness resolution seriously, take the opportunity to ascend Mont Ventoux, one of the classic mountain climbs of the Tour De France. It's a serious climb (even if you're not racing world champions) and you'll need to get your thighs into training.

Trek to the summit of Mt Kinabalu

Borneo's Mt Kinabalu could be the perfect answer to your resolution question. It's tough – but not too tough. You'll need to train – but not too much. The walk is brilliant and the views from the summit are outrageous, so you'll be well rewarded for your efforts.

As a bonus, you get the rest of your Borneo adventure lazing at the beach, watching baby turtles and chatting to cheeky orang-utans. A perfect way to enjoy the New Year.

Snorkel and kayak in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a wilderness paradise. Untouched rainforest, deserted beaches, rugged mountains and fast-flowing rivers make it the ideal place to flex your active outdoorsy muscles.

Snorkel with sea turtles and reef sharks, hike up volcanoes, raft down river rapids through lush rainforest and cycle along the wild coastline.  There is active adventure everywhere in Costa Rica – you just have to commit to the trip and your resolutions are dealt with.

Hike the Inca Trail

If you are looking for a classic bucket-list trip that will tick the New Year's Resolution boxes, look no further than the Inca Trail. An iconic trek that will have your leg muscles crying for mercy as you hike up and down ancient Incan stairways. Exercise – tick!

And the 'experience life' box will be well and truly ticked when you arrive at the Sun Gate overlooking Machu Picchu in time to watch the sun rise. Breath in the cool, fresh mountain air, watch the orange glow of sunrise creep across the stone city, and know that this year you've really achieved something special.

Cycle off the beaten track in Tanzania

If you're looking to push yourself on a cycling adventure, consider Tanzania. You'll be right out there in the African savannah, cycling on remote roads that rarely see a car. Along the journey, you'll also go on game drives through the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater and cycle to the famous flamingo-covered lakes of the Rift Valley.

This is a serious cycling adventure and you'll definitely need to get some practice in the saddle before you head off. Get training for the experience of a lifetime.

Ascend Morocco's Mt Toubkal

North Africa's highest mountain is Mt Toubkal, in the heart of Morocco. Mt Toubkal offers the perfect trip for the active adventurer. The incredible colours and fascinating sights of Marrakesh are combined with a serious trek into the snow-capped Atlas Mountains.

Trek between villages and through forests as you make your way towards the final rocky ascent to the summit at 4167 metres. You'll need to be fit to make this ascent, so you'd better start your training on 1 January. (OK, maybe 2 January is more realistic.)

Walk the Cinque Terre

Here's another highly-civilised option for those who don't wish to get sweaty fulfilling their annual responsibilities. The Cinque Terre is a stunning part of Italy's coastline, where rugged hills plunge dramatically into the water.

Being Italy, the hills are covered with lemon trees, olive groves, vineyards and beautiful colourful buildings perched on clifftops. You can walk along the coastal track between towns, stop for a homemade pasta and glass of local wine and walk on. Not too difficult, but definitely worth training for.

Cycle the length of Vietnam

Vietnam is the perfect place to cycle. Bikes are pretty popular there, so you'll be mixing it with the locals every day. You can wind between rice paddies, cycle out to temples and stop at roadside stalls for a refreshing drink. And when you've churned out your 60 k's for the day, you'll truly deserve the big delicious plate of soupy noodles that's coming your way.

Trek to Everest Base Camp

If you're serious about your get fit resolution, aim for the sky. Choose a trip that is all about the physical experience. A trek in the Himalaya will give you the work out you're after – walking every day up to high passes, down to rivers and back up to high passes again. All that exercise is set amongst some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.

Craning you neck to look up to the top of these staggering mountains, you'll know you're ticking all your New Year's Resolution boxes. Tired legs and living life to the very fullest.