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14 reasons you should travel overseas every year

7 December 2016

14 reasons you should travel overseas every year

The comforts of home offer an easy life. A place where your cosy, familiar bed is waiting for you, where the fridge is stocked with food and where cool drinking water is on tap 24-7.

But to keep you on your toes, to keep your life in balance, you need to get shaken out of your routine every now and then. Get a little bit disrupted. 

Travel is the perfect kind of disruption. It's shaking up the norm – but with something even better than the norm – amazing experiences. We reckon you should take a decent overseas trip at least once a year. Here's why.

1. Have a holiday. You deserve it.

Obviously, you deserve a decent break from work every year. That's why annual leave was invented. (Although annual leave is way too short in our opinion.)

Do something solid and memorable with your leave and travel overseas.

2. Reflect on where you're at in life

Travelling to somewhere completely different from home offers the perfect opportunity to take a step back and look at your regular life from a distance. You'll see things that you can't see up close, in the day to day. Maybe things you want to change, maybe things you want to keep the same – but it's worth stepping back to see what you see.

3. See something new

Not just new like, “did you see that new movie?”. New like “oh ma gahd, have you seen that mesmerising, world-famous, glorious landmark thing?” That's the stuff dreams are made of.

4. To stop you being a boring friend

Sometimes when you catch up with your regular mates, it seems like nothing much has changed. Same job, same house, same life as last time. But when you travel, you get a double bonus – the news that you're going...

“So, hey, what's news?”

“Not that much. Oh, but I just booked a trip to Sri Lanka...”

… Plus the huge bundle of stories when you return. Travel stories keep you interesting and stop you being a boring friend.

5. Wake up your tastebuds

Forget the Friday night pizza and re-awaken your tastebuds. Noodles for breakfast, spicy crab for dinner, spiders for a snack, fruit you've never heard of... remind your mouth about living on the edge.

6. Step outside your comfort zone

Stepping outside your comfort zone is good for your spirit. Maybe push yourself on a physical adventure, challenge your cultural perspectives, or eat things you're not comfortable with. Push yourself in some way and you'll find you're tougher than you thought.

7. Appreciate your comfort zone more

Stepping outside your comfort zone will also make you appreciate everything more when you get home. Your own personal flushing toilet never seemed so extravagant and wonderful before. Your toilet deserves to be loved at least once a year.

8. Have something to look forward to

There is nothing better than having a trip in your diary to look forward to. As your mind drifts away from your work, you can dreamily think, “this time in seven weeks I'll be strolling around Dubrovnik.”

9. Change your world view and increase your excellence

You'll change your understanding of how the world works by talking to people with an entirely different life from you. It broadens your perspective, changes your world view and makes you a generally more excellent person. It's good to increase your excellence annually.

10. Get a dose of daily exercise

Walk down to a cafe for breakfast, explore the market, stroll across town to the cathedral... it's pretty easy to rack up 10,000 steps before lunch exploring a new place. In the afternoon, maybe go for a hike or a bike ride, snorkel, ride a camel or do some dune surfing – all that exercise is as good as an annual health check up.

11. Break your routine

Alarm, up, shower, breakfast, work work work, lunch, work work work, gym, dinner, tv, bed. Repeat.

And then one day this happens:

Alarm, up, get on plane, go somewhere amazing, do awesome stuff.

Every day is different and very definitely different from a day at home. It feels good to shake yourself out of your every day

12. Learn new things and work your brain

Wherever you travel in the world, there's always things to learn. About history, culture, art, food, ways of living, landscapes, geology, language. And it's good to learn new things. Keeps you relevant and interesting, keeps the brain working. And brains are important

13. Make some new mates

Travelling on a small group adventure, you'll meet a whole bunch of new people with new perspectives. New people are always interesting. Plus, there's bound to be some people you click with and they'll be the keepers. Your new mates.

14. Because you can

If you have the money and the opportunity you should definitely travel every year. Try to think of one reason why not.

No, wait, stop. Stop trying to think of a reason not to travel. Life's too short. Just get out there and go.