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11 things you'll miss when you leave South America

23 November 2016

11 things you'll miss when you leave South America

For anyone who has travelled within South America, it might be a fair description that once you fully immerse yourself into this fascinating region, it is almost gruelling to leave. Unlike other popular travel regions such as Southeast Asia and Europe, South America creates this untold determination that almost makes you feel you’re in a movie or a real life expedition. Imagine being fictional characters like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, exploring with unlimited adventure, passing through river high crossings. Or maybe encountering Amazon wildlife, just like Sir David Attenborough does for a living. There is a purpose when you travel South America, exploring mysterious ruins, brushing back leaf for leaf in the jungle or roaming through favela communities. All your senses are turned on, challenged and pushed to their limits. It becomes a way of life travelling South America; everyone gets sucked in and then spat right out again.

But for many of us, that doesn’t stop the curiosity or eagerness to get back there. It makes us more intrigued on what else there is to see. South America is so vast, it cannot be done quickly. So we thought we’d come up with a list of things you’ll miss when you leave South America.

1. Just being able to be you

The attitude towards life and living in South America is truly having the ability to take joy in just ‘being’. This is something that can be difficult to truly do at home. You can just live for the moment, live for the laughs and what is happening right now. South Americans seem to have less stress and rubs off easily.

2. Waking up with endless possibilities

South America just has everything possible to wake up to. Everyday is different. One day you might be surfing great breaks, the next you might be 4000m above sea level on a hike. The diversity is like none other in the world.

3. Latin generosity

How many times were you shown around by a local? Or even offered into their homes for a local cooked meal? Latin’s have a heavy emphasis on family and coming together. The culture is so inviting and makes us wish the rest of the world was so warming to others.

4. Learning the language

Even if you’re not fluent don’t you think it’s invigorating to learn something new? Especially with Spanish, even hearing the words and phrases sounds beautiful. The more you travel, the more you pick up.

5. Eating local food

Empanadas, morcilla, casado or ceviche, the local cuisine is better than given credit for. There is nothing more authentic than eating what the locals eat, especially if its street food and at a bargain price!

6. Dancing

If the world was a party then South America would be the dancefloor. Salsa, samba, rumba and tango are all intertwined here. Even if you aren’t the most confident of dancers, you’ll never resist the urge to moving those hips.

7. Drinking rum

Rum seems to be the drink in South America, although there other drinks such as Cacacha or Aguadiente are popular. There is something liberating about drinking rum on the streets or in a local bar in South America that just feels ‘Latin’. It is never the same back home.

8. Rainforests and jungles

Home to the largest tropical rainforest in the world, the Amazon needs no introduction. No-one leaves South America without dipping their toes in just a little bit. Heading into the jungle really does make you feel like a true explorer, whatever the end point maybe, just being surrounded by Mother Nature truly yields a proper travel experience.

9. Fascinating wildlife

South America is home to a host of native species and tropical creatures. You’ll come across snakes, howler monkeys, llamas, pink dolphins and piranhas. You don't get to meet some of these animals everyday. Just being in their company allows you to feel free and that you're doing something different. You will miss the interaction for sure.

10. Pushing your body

It is said that if you go to South America you feel you really have travelled. The different climates, terrains and size of the region really pushes you to experience a bit of everything. You may be exhausted by after it all you’ll miss that feeling of achievement.

11. Unique modes of transport

Taking a chartered flight really makes you get into explorer mode. Crammed into a small seated aircraft does make you believe you’re on a true, unique adventure. Riverboats will do that do, with murky waters and banks of jungle on either side just adding to your curiosity.