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Our Bucket List For All Things Cultural

10 November 2016

Our Bucket List For All Things Cultural

When it comes to why people travel, many believe it’s because of the curiosity of different cultures being what drives us, and who can argue with that? Within a few hours flight we can be in a totally different setting that only allows us to become even wiser and more worldly, that shows us a different way of life.  There are certain things that may represent a country to us and the beauty of being on an adventure is that everyone can have their own individual selection of what representation that is. But what about the bucket list items that resemble a place that you just have to visit? We all like to take a part of a place away with us, whether it is hand-made clothing, a recipe for a traditional meal or engagement with the locals. These things shape our mind to what we remember about our visit and influence us if we’ll ever return. But what about the iconic, cultural phenomenon’s that EVERYONE remembers? Check out this list if you want to be tempted to just book up and go, right now!

Culture and Paradise in Vietnam

Littered with tropical mogotes in an archipelago bay in the north of Vietnam, no one misses a trip and a long gaze at these UNESCO Heritage spots, such as Halong Bay. Take a trip around the islands as you sit back and eat some fresh seafood, quietly thinking to yourself how on earth you’ll ever see something more naturally scenic in your life to match here.

Mayan Towers in Mexico

The status that Mayan leaders must have enjoyed to be able address the locals from the crowd must have been God-like. Chichen Itza towers above the surrounding jungle environs and you really feel the authority here, one of the world’s seven world wonders. Engulf yourself in true Mayan history and shake your head in disbelief at their sophisticated methods that still stay true today.

Not Just Any Ruins in Cambodia

It’s one thing visiting an ancient temple, it’s another thing visiting a complex of ancient temples like Angkor Wat. Your experience and visit here shouldn’t be a day thing; it should be a week thing. Marvel in this Asian UNESCO heritage site in the environs of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Although not part of the list of World Wonders, if it could be extended anymore, we’d be sure Angkor Wat would be at #8.

Go Back In Time In Havana

If you are one of those people who like old movies and would love to dip back in time to indulge in the historic surroundings, then Cuba will be a place you must visit today. Stuck in time due to political restrictions, Cuba boasts classic cars, colonial old towns, cobbled streets and a rustic-go-romantic feel, especially in Havana’s old town or locally ‘La Habana Vieja’.

The Great Wall of……China!

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China isn’t somewhere that you won’t be impressed with. A titanic of a structure, this giant wall was to protect Chinese empires from invasions and still strongly stands today. That’s not all; it apparently measures at nearly 9,000km so make sure you embrace your visit fully, as you won’t be walking this in a day.

Heaven's Waiting in Peru

If there were ever a heaven that had to be resembled on earth, Machu Picchu would be front-runner. Tucked up into the Andes mountains fingertips away from the clouds, Machu Picchu certainly has a power aura about the place. The photos are all amazing but nothing does this place justice as visiting it for yourself. It may the most popular site in Peru and South America, but there is a reason behind that, a truly mesmerizing site that represents Incan mastery.

A True World Wonder in India

The Taj Mahal literally looks as if it has recently been built, and with its bright contrasting colours, you think you’d be looking at a real-life Instagram photo with Low-Fi filter applied. Built by a grieving prince over his deceased wife back in the 16th century, if you ever thought about buying a loved one a gift then this one will be hard to beat. The Taj Mahal is a marvellous monument and a work of art waiting for you to gaze into.

Head into the Sahara Desert

Probably the most luring on the list, Morocco is still an unknown entity to many. Add in some recent tourism and you get the right balance of a mysterious Arabic influenced culture and travel standards for everyone. Owned by the yellow sun in the sky and the red earth on the ground, Morocco looks the part. Journey into the famous Sahara Desert; wander around its huge sand dunes trot with camels and bask in Moroccan culture.

Wander with the Masai people in Africa

Adventurous, offbeat and absolutely incredible are some of the words often associated with countries in Africa, and in this case it’ll be Kenya. The Masai groups are keepers of the Masai Mara Reserve. It really is a bewildering journey that will leave you fully immersed in a cultural daze just wanting to see more. Meet local tribes, stay in authentic villages, and encounter the most precarious of wildlife. You’ll feel like you’re on a true National Geographic expedition as the dirt tyres of the 4x4 you’ll get to ride in goes deep behind African lines.