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Get up close and personal with these 7 travel destinations

5 October 2016

Get up close and personal with these 7 travel destinations

Ever thought about taking a trip that actually means something to you? We all like to travel, for the new experiences, the interesting culture and the exciting activities. But have you ever gone somewhere that you can get personal with? A place that allows such personalisation that your experience becomes more than a holiday, it becomes a part of you.

We could point you in the direction of the worlds most prestigious and popular places like Machu Pichu, Galapagos and Taj Mahal, but how about something really different, under the radar and with a little less expectation?

Allow us to provide you with the list of destinations for you to explore your inner values and to embrace what travel means to you.

Become a local in Sri Lanka

Definitely the more relaxed place in comparison to its neighbour India, Sri Lanka has somewhat became a hedonistic paradise for travellers. The way of living in Sri Lanka is of course heavily influenced by its religion, and with nearly three quarters of the country Buddhist, Sri Lanka is of humble origins. Organic elephant sanctuaries as well as rich in other wildlife, Sri Lanka has all the natural elements such as rainforests, beaches, highlands and national parks. If you like to immerse you with a country, Sri Lanka has both the welcoming culture and warmly surroundings to satisfy both a travellers needs for something unique and something adventurous. The locals are are gentle but enthusiastic that provides the doorway to a heartfelt connection you’d seek for.

Get with it in Japan

If you’ve visited other parts of North-east Asia such as China or South Korea, well Japan is really the odd one out to an extent. Unlike a lot of countries that base its old heritage to connect with new wanderers, Japan relies on both its modern, fast forward approach to its millennia old history. There isn’t really a bad time to go to Japan, with all four of its seasons the catalysts of what’s on offer. The spring brings out Japan’s famous cherry blossoms, whilst autumn still brings the blizzard of colours on show. The summers are always hot and the winters provide you with ski season. Sticking with nature, Japanese gardens are the window to understand Japan’s heritage by relating to some of the countries marvellous temples. If you want to do something really Japanese, collect hanko stamp prints from every location you’ve been to, just like the locals do!

Venture into Guatemala

Central America is a region almost forgotten at times as it’s sandwiched in-between the two giants of North & South America. Guatemala is one of them countries that is slowly growing in popularity but its tourism is still developing. That’s a perfect opportunity to visit this small country, influenced by both Spanish and Mayan culture. If you like the thought of a place that represents the adventures of some fictional characters such as Indiana Jones, Guatemala would be a good fit for that. Miles of jungle and dozens of ruins give you the feeling of ‘we don’t know everything about this place’ will fascinate you even more, luring you to discover more about this country. There are beaches, lakes and modern Mayan villages that you can also become acquainted with.

The foods of Morocco

If you are easily lured by the sensational smells of a cuisine then prepared to your foodie hat on when visiting the realms of Morocco. Local delights are normally a mix between Mediterranean and Arabic flavours that will expand the dimensions of your taste buds. Coupled with the sweltering heat, the abstract clothing and majestic architecture, you’re wholesome experience will be amplified even more. Intricate presentation, a flicker of colours and authentic rich tastes will make you so besotted with Morocco and your friends will be hungry every time you upload to social media. Moroccan cuisine is a world of spices, herbs, vegetables couscous and red meat. Not to mention starters and sides of acquired sauces, audacious soups and traditional breads, Morocco isn’t your Saturday night kebab kind of place. Ferakh Maamer and Tajine are great choices.

The 'Melbourne of Argentina'

Modern but quirky, cafes and bars in abundance, great food, hidden laneways and a youthful appearance, sound familiar? Buenos Aires is most people’s favourite city in South America, just like Melbourne in Australia. This city doesn’t need a beach, as you’ll never get sick of exploring its inner city and suburbs. Situate in San Telmo, drink in Palermo, shop in Belgrano and sight see in La Boca, Buenos Aires has some cool areas. Although not like for like in Melbourne of course, its variety, international residents and happy vibes make it a city worth seeing. Best for eating amazing steak, drinking the best wine, dancing tango, going crazy for sport (usually soccer) and adjusting to the easy lifestyle, makes Buenos Aires a place you can certainly connect with.

The last moments in Pompeii, Italy

Okay, we all know about Pompeii and what happened but have you really took the time out to vividly explore the ancient ruins. They are nothing short of fascinating and you’ll be able to capture the last moments of families who were hiding from Mount Vesuvius explosive eruption. Learnt about the lifestyles of the residents at the ancient Roman town whilst still enjoying the laid-back approach and authentic foods.

Photo credit: Cristiano Medeiros Dalbem.

Get rugged with Iceland

Iceland has a small population in the grand scheme of things but this dramatic and isolated country is not to be underestimated. It is true that tourism has significantly increased in recent years but Iceland isn’t the first place on many people’s wish lists, with lots of tourists preferring beach holidays or destinations with a rich batch of history. That’s how we like it though as Iceland surprises everyone. Its cool climate, magical glaciers, robust volcano’s and national parks are all elements to Iceland’s unique surroundings. You will literally think you’re on a different planet and with the country being fairly small, you’ll be able to fit a lot more in than you can imagine.