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Introducing: My Adventure Travel!

14 September 2016

Introducing: My  Adventure Travel!

My Adventure Store is now My Adventure Travel. Here's why.

The name My Adventure Store has served us well. When we started in this business, we were a retail travel agency, specialising in selling small group adventure tours with best-price airfares.

Well, that hasn't really changed. We still specialise in selling small group adventure tours with best-price airfares. So what has changed?

Quite a few things. Here's eight reasons we've decided to change our name to “My Adventure Travel”.

1. We've kind of changed. And we also kind of haven't changed.

Everyone gets older. You change, you grow, you develop. You're the same, at heart, but you're also different.

That's what's happened to us. We're 11 years old and we've changed.

We started the old fashioned way – a couple of guys having a few cheeky wines and bandying around big ideas. But these couple of guys put their money where their mouths were. They opened a store and from there “Intrepid My Adventure Store” took off.

Over the years, we've grown and we've changed, but our passion for adventure travel has not budged. One iota. So we're kind of the same, and kind of different. Just like our new name.

2. We are not really just a “store” any more

This is a major reason for the change. We are not a store. We are so much more than a store. We are a full service travel agency with a huge retail network across Australia, backed by the Flight Centre Travel Group. We have a massive online presence and a dedicated web-service team and call centre. We are not anywhere remotely near the ballpark of a ma-and-pa general store.

3. And we definitely do not sell tents

“My Adventure Store” sounds kind of like a travel equipment shop. If we had a dollar for every time someone thought we were sold tents or outdoor gear... well, we'd have a lot of dollars by now.

4. We definitely do sell travel. Adventure travel.

We sell Adventure Travel. That's what we do. So that's what we're called now. My Adventure Travel. Clears up any confusion.

“Hang on a sec. Just what is 'adventure travel'?” we hear you ask.

Adventure travel is travel that involves any of these things:

  • cultural immersion (like staying with a local family in Thailand or learning a local craft in India)
  • some serious involvement with the natural environment (think wildlife watching in Kenya or boating through the Amazon Rainforest).
  • physical activity (like hiking in Nepal or cycling in Vietnam)

That's the kind of stuff we deal with. Every day. We're pretty lucky.

5. Our staff liked the name better

Our staff mean everything to us. They say “jump” and we say “how high?”.

Because essentially, our service is our people. They are the ones with all the knowledge that will make your trip exactly what you want it to be. Our team is handpicked for their extensive travel experience, destination knowledge and passion for adventure. They know travel because they live and breathe it, which means you get first hand, expert advice on locations, tours and what to expect.

They are the ones who will mention a little restaurant that you should visit in Florence, or about a great juice bar that's run by a guy who helps street kids in Cambodia. They can tell you how hard the Inca Trail is and whether you need to take waterproof hiking boots or not.

Together, our team of people have travelled to over 142 countries and all seven continents, so we really practice what we preach. Whatever advice you need, we have someone who can give it.

So, when our staff told us “My Adventure Travel” was a better name, we listened.

6. We are Australia's leading adventure travel provider

My Adventure Travel (see how we just casually used our new name there?) is Australia's leading adventure travel provider. We're the flagship adventure travel brand of the eee-nor-mous Flight Centre Travel Group.

Being such a big player in the adventure travel industry, we thought we'd better step it up in the name stakes so people knew exactly what we did.

7.  And MSGATWBPF just didn't quite roll off the tongue...

“But hang on” we hear you ask. “Aren't you all about small group adventure travel? Not just adventure travel?”

Why, yes. Yes, we are. To be finicky, we should really be called “My Small Group Adventure Travel With Best-Price Flights”: MSGATWBPF.

Sadly, it's not that catchy.

But it is what we do. We believe small group adventures are the best way to travel.

Small group adventures are about travelling with a small group – up to just 16 people. Tours are lead by local guides, so you'll travel the authentic way – experiencing a destination through the eyes of a local. It's about really getting to know your destination.

In Vietnam, your guide will be a Vietnamese person who loves their homeland and can't wait to share it with you. You might stay with a local family and cook a meal together, or you might cycle to nearby temples where your guide will tell you all about their history and importance to the local people.

You won’t get a more authentic and sustainable travel experience.

8. We kept the “MY” because we offer personalised travel agency services to YOU

We kept the “My” at the start of our name – My Adventure Travel – because we want people to know that  they can treat us as their own adventure travel personal assistant. You will get personalised service and travel that is tailored to your needs.

At My Adventure Travel we sell small group adventures and best-price flights. But that's not where we stop – we are a full service travel agency. We can arrange your entire itinerary... tours, flights, accommodation, insurance – let us do the hard stuff!

Plus, we offer 24/7 support. Wherever you are in the world we’ve got your back.

Our adventure tour partners

We have the largest and most experienced network of travel partners. We work with companies with a true passion for taking travellers off the beaten track and into some of the world’s most remote and beautiful places – Intrepid, Peregrine, Geckos, On the Go Tours, Tucan Travel, Top Deck, World Expeditions, Exodus, Trek America and more.

You won’t find a better range of travel options anywhere (nor a more dedicated team to make sure they find the right one for you).

Our best-price flights

My Adventure Travel is part of the Flight Centre Travel Group. So you don't need to run around town trying to get the best price on flights. We already have the best price. And we'll track down the best deals to team with your trip, to make your travel experience smooth sailing, at the best price.

Our value packages

We have also developed an extensive range of mini packages and tours, that will make tailoring your trip easy.

Our City Explorer packages give you flights, accommodation, transfers and city adventures to give you a taste of adventure in a city.

Our Explorer Journey packages offer an exclusive range of tour itineraries and unique packages tailored for the most popular destinations offering unique experiences not available anywhere else.

Our Festivals range allows you immerse yourself in a local world-renowned festival whilst still experiencing all the highlights of that destination.

So, there you have it.

We are now, officially, My Adventure Travel.
And we can't wait to get you on the path to your next adventure.

There's nowhere too big, small, remote or central that we can't make happen. So whether you want to trek Everest, walk the Cinque Terre or simply relax on Halong Bay, we can help you to plan your dream adventure – anywhere in the world.

My Adventure Travel are the one-stop shop for adventure travel, offering a wide range of unique trips from the leading tour brands in the market. Part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, we are the experts in designing adventure holidays to destinations from across all corners of the globe.