Our must do's in every continent

We all know the world is full of many weird and wonderful places and sometimes the hardest thing is to decide where we really want to go next. So to help you, we’ve cherry picked the two places you need to visit, in every continent recommended, by our very own international travel experts who have been there and done that.

South America

The most fascinating place for wildlife in the world: Galapagos

If you love wildlife, unique environments and passionate about the ocean, there is nowhere on earth more intriguing than the Galapagos Islands, west of Ecuador. Come face to face with black marine iguanas, the only place you’ll find them in the world. Watch formations of Eagle Spotted Rays swift through the waters with simplicity, unbothered by your presence. Even analyse a variety of bird species that’ll come closer to you than you’d ever think.

You might have seen the image a million times, but not one does it justice.  Machu Pichu – Peru

These majestic ruins are the greatest example and representation of how sophisticated the Incans were. This place isn’t just any old archaeological wonder; it really is heaven on earth. Hiram Bingham maybe was the Indiana Jones who discovered this spot but we promise you’ll feel just like him when you visit for yourself .


Get close to Halong Bay in Vietnam

Scattered islets in emerald waters topped with rainforests are the alluring elements of what makes Halong Bay. Take a boat ride through these mesmeric spots, whilst enjoy the option activities such as rock climbing, fishing and scuba diving.  Vietnam has many tourist attractions to be amazed at, but Halong Bay is the crown jewel!

The Great Barrier Reef – Explore it whilst you can

Everyone knows about Australia’s biggest natural marine attraction, and we all take it that it’ll be there forever. Well, not to put a downer on things but recently the Great Barrier Reef was listed as endangered. Still, an incredible place to spend your time in Australia, the time really is to visit now! Scuba, snorkel and marvel at the glowing, enormous reefs that are the biggest of its kind in the world.  

North America

Explore the USA National Parks, but not the Grand Canyon this time..

Yosemite National Park has endless waterfalls; deep valleys and tremendous wilderness areas that you really will want to get lost here. If you love camping and the outdoors, Yosemite should be #1 on your list

Ever seen the movie Apocalypto? We give you Chichen Itza

Probably the least known of the seven world wonders outside of America, Chichen Itza really is somewhere you’ve got to visit. Its impressive build and towering structure gives you an insight of what this meant years ago to the Mayans whilst being addressed by the powers at be. Be sure to check out at the ‘Mayan sports stadium’ where it would literally be live or death for competitors.


Get dramatic with a visit to Iceland

You would think you were in a setting of the Lord of the Rings when visiting Iceland. Hot springs, waterfalls, lakes, volcanos and ice-capped mountains all make up Iceland’s spectacular interior. Everyone is visiting Iceland right now after a sudden surge of tourism, so make sure you head there before it potentially gets really spoilt and overcrowded.

Walk the rugged, romantic seaside of the Cinque Terre

Italy just gets more and more charming. Cinque Terre gives you a different outlook on Italy. Wander through the colourful cliff-side houses, winding village and steep terraces. By the sea, you’ll experience the traditional Italian cuisine with a whole bunch of fresh seafood delights.


Sink into the Moroccan culture

Morocco is a glittering Mediterranean and Arabic wonder that sits in the north of the African continent. The magical lights of the mosques, the bustling local Arabic culture in Marrakech or the Aladdin-like palaces and sweltering desert make Morocco a prize jewel of a destination. Immerse yourself into the thick of the culture, taste the delicious cuisine whilst exploring the mysterious never-ending streets that’ll become an obsession to keep peering right or left.

Marvel in Madagascar

Madagascar even sounds like a prodigious place. Well, Madagascar is an island nation with extraordinary wildlife such as the right-tailed lemur with tropical rainforests and stunning environs to go with. This place is home to plant and wildlife species not found anywhere on the planet. So if you are crazy about seeing something different, Madagascar will no doubt be a special experience for you.


The icy, end of the world

A destination for a true excursionist or travel pioneer, the Antarctica is a place that maybe not be the first on your bucket list. However, that is something to re-think now. With tons of sheltered wildlife, stunning ice terrains and a world almost to yourself – this could be the life-changing trip you’ve been waiting for.