Step out of your comfort zone

Step out of your comfort zone in a world of comfort

21 July 2016

Step out of your comfort zone in a world of comfort 

Here at My Adventure Travel, we specialise in small-group tours that get you that little bit more off the beaten track. Sure we can do it all when it comes to travel, but enabling you to see destinations through the eyes of a local is where we and our tour suppliers aspire to truly take you. One of our key suppliers is Intrepid Travel. We are Intrepid Travel's booking centre and they too live by this small-group journey philosophy. However - what if you want to go off the beaten track but not so far off that you're not travelling in a style that's comfortable to you?

The solution? Intrepid's Comfort Trips

Intrepid Trips - which style is for me?

Firstly - it's important to know there are a variety of different ways that you can enjoy your trip. Intrepid have three kinds of tours available to cater for your preference, which is important, with the choice of the Basix, Original or Comfort tours.

The Basix tour is ideal for travellers on a budget whilst keeping things simple. You’ll have the choice to do things your way as well as using public transport.

The Original tour is what Intrepid built their international reputation on. This includes a good balance of activities and also gives you enough time to roam and explore for yourself, with a few meals thrown in too.

The Comfort tour is the ultimate experience with Intrepid with this selection of destinations. This popular tour allows for you to see things locally and more authentically but at the same time having all the comforts you can expect from a tour. This includes lots of group activities, more meals, a relaxed pace and accommodation that you’ll just want to call home.

Also, with the comfort tour you have a variety of amazing life experiences on offer.

You can witness the Best of Alaska, go on a Hawaii Discovery or head from Mt Rushmore to Yellowstone. Explore Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia; venture into Africa or stroll down the lakes in Italy.

Where can I go?

Let’s get to the juicy parts. You want to know about the trips, well here’s some things you can expect from some of the Comfort trips available.

Africa is home to Kenya and Tanzania. Although separate countries they both are gifted with wonderful scenery, culture, experiences and awe inspiring moments. You’ll interact with genuine locals, take great photos of exotic wildlife and have the delicious tastes of African cuisine. If you want to experience something different from what you’ve ever been used to, there will be no better than the Kenya and Tanzania highlights tour.

If you fancy something a little bit more familiar, then heading from Mount Rushmore to Yellowstone in North America might be worth looking into. You’ll journey and trek into open plains, National Parks, Wild West towns, cities and alpine regions. You’ll come up close with the past presidents engraved into Mount Rushmore and you’ll maybe see a wolf or two at Yellowstone.

Why Comfort style?

We can give you the reason why, that’s easy. It’s less hassle, more private transportation, a relaxed and flexible pace, meals and activities included and knowing you’ll be in staying some fantastic accommodation. Most importantly, you’ll have a better way of indulging in all things local with experienced and passionate guides to take you along the way. You’ll basically see what you read about and much, much more!

These fantastic encounters with surroundings that may be so disparate from anything you have witnessed will be lead by experienced and local guides. This provides you with the insight to what others may not. Many people say travelling is a way of discovering the truth of the world, and our guides will give you the platform to find out just that.

The tours are flexible and you’ll meet new people along the way. Intrepid tours attract travellers of a variety of ages -  it's not the years in your life but the life in your years. Whether you’re travelling solo or with someone – there will always be something for you. As long as you’re ready to appreciate local cultures and want to learn more about this world there is no reason for you not to get involved. Think of an Intrepid tour as a course at the ‘University of Life’.

What kind of accommodation can I expect?

We mentioned accommodation earlier so lets elaborate on just how good that gets.
Firstly, if you want to re-cooperate after a long day, you’ll know that you’ll have comfortable accommodation and facilities available, preparing you for the next days adventure. It’s not just about that either, you’ll have the opportunity to stay in authentic accommodation too. We like the sound of a traditional Alaskan Lodge or how about a Tanzanian Safari Lodge even? Going comfort definitely adds to the experience and will make the normally mundane things add that little bit extra.

And lastly... a reminder

Travel is about experiences and memories. If you want the best way to enjoy your trip whichever one you decide - the Comfort tour is the way to go. You’ll be immersed into the local culture whilst having the reassurance everything else will take care of itself with an added…Comfort.

We all like to be independent, and the great thing about going Comfort is that you have that you’ll go out of your comfort zone whilst still being with a high degree of comfort! Remember come to see us at My Adventure Travel to book your trip, and I assure you that isn’t any hassle at all as we will organise it for you every step of the way!