reasons why you should go off the beaten track

10 reasons why you should go off the beaten track when travelling

13 July 2016

10 reasons why you should go off the beaten track when travelling

We travel to see things for what they are, for reality. We travel for fun and freedom. We travel because we are curious and adventurous. Yet, can we do a little more? I think so. Heading to places off the beaten track is even more daring to the mind and soul.

It allows us to go even further out of our comfort zone and to re-discover places in a different light. It’s important to remember we travel for the unknown, and whilst we all like the well-known places, how many of us are attracted to the prospect of finding somewhere secret? We’ve all seen ‘The Beach’ movie that is based on the secret lagoon and community of travellers; surely that is the biggest drive of all isn’t it, to find something different?


Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Go Off The Beaten Track When Travelling

  1. Because travel isn’t supposed to be easy. Travelling is supposed to be a little uneasy. Why? That’s the adventure, the adrenaline and the excitement. Travelling is meant to be visiting the unknown; going off the beaten track will provide you with that experience there and then, in the moment.


  1. You’ll have a better chance of finding something more personal to you. All travellers have a secret wannabe explorer in us. If we feel we have ventured to places unknown ourselves, our self-satisfaction is fulfilled.


  1. There is no better way to feel like a local than to go off the beaten track. Locals will think you’re a little crazy but will more often than not appreciate your attempts at seeing the real things of a country.


  1. You’ll learn so much more. Whether it’s quick thinking or being put on the spot, being off the beaten path will enable you to do things more independently.


  1. You might act be more inclined to speak the local language. If you are in a situation where you have to, you may surprise yourself!


  1. No expectations. This is key in travel. When expectations are low, the little things become amazing and therefore empower your experience. There is no list or certainty so little everything is new.


  1. You’ll finally get some freedom from the freedom. Travelling is that, but sometimes it can become a little clustered. Getting away from the rest of the trail will bring peace to you in different ways.


  1. You’ll always have stories to tell. Your experience will become more magnified in your own head so your stories will be rightly so exaggerated. You are on edge but excited and that makes it heart pulsing.


  1. Exploring places off the beaten path will make you feel like Lara Croft, Nathan Drake and Indiana Jones all into one. It will galvanise you to take more risks and see more hidden places.


  1. You will be your own person and not just following the crowd. Its easy to get into a rut of doing what everyone else is doing, ticking off bucket lists etc.

    Experiences over bucket lists, always.