signs you NEED a holiday

9 signs you NEED a holiday (and where you should go!)

26 April 2016

9 signs you NEED a holiday (and where you should go!)

Sometimes you get that feeling. The feeling that something is out of balance. Your yin and your yang aren't forming that curvy circle-shape thingy.

Your body, your subconscious, your family, or maybe the universe, is telling you that you need a break. What you need is a holiday.

So listen to that warning call. In case you need some pointers, here's 9 key signs that you need a holiday. (And to help you out even more, we've laid out what the holiday should be!)


  1. You are feeling quite glad that it's Tuesday morning

Because that means you still have three-and-a-half full working days left this week to get all that work done. Sound the warning alarm. Work isn't that great. When you start prioritising work time over leisure time in a serious ongoing way, it's holiday o'clock.

We suggest: Lombok and the Gili Islands

What you need is a serious wind down. A trip that says “Hey, bro, work needs to step back. Let's wade through that pristine turquoise water to that small wooden boat while we forget the last remnants of that dry report thing that seemed so darn pressing last week.” Snorkel, explore temples, drink Bintang, laze, swim, eat noodles. Boom. Work forgotten. Priorities re-aligned.

  1. Your health regime has fallen off the wagon

You are not quite sure when it happened. But somehow it seems you haven't been running for sixteen weeks. You let your gym membership lapse because you weren't really using it. And sitting on the couch eating chocolate seems to take up a lot more of your time than it probably should.

We suggest: A big trek in Nepal

There's nothing like a goal to get you re-motivated. If you know it's only four months until you will be walking up hills every day, surrounded by enormous spectacular mountains, suddenly there's a good reason to put your trainers on. So put the chocolate down. Now, please.


  1. You're cooking spaghetti bolognese for the second time this week

Same ol' same ol'. You're stuck in a rut. The kitchen blues have got hold of you and you can't even be bothered flicking through a cookbook. Food has become so routine that you can scarcely remember the joy of unexpected bursts of flavour, or what the pleasure of eating feels like. You've lost your kitchen mojo.

We suggest: Morocco

Spice up your life with something totally left field. Go to a place where snake charmers are an actual thing. Where fresh orange juice just might be the best thing you've ever drunk. And where cous cous is elevated from being a weird pasta disguising itself as a cracked grain to become a life force, a sponge for the rich flavours of cinnamon, clove, sweetness and spice. It will shake your tastebuds back into gear and get you back in the kitchen with gusto.

  1. You watched 'Eat, Pray, Love'

You didn't watch it for the mushy girl-finds-food-and-spirituality-and-learns-to-love-herself plot. Or because you like Julia Roberts movies. You only watched it for the glorious footage of Italy, India and Indonesia. (OK, and perhaps also for Javier Bardem.)

We suggest: India

Channel your inner Julia, don your printed cotton sari and start chanting. An ashram or meditation retreat? Maybe just ditch the hard work and take a vaguely spiritual wander through the clamour, beauty and colour of Rajasthan. That should do the trick. It'll make sitting through the movie worthwhile.

  1. The HR department has asked you to take some leave

Because you have nine and a half weeks owing. This one is really self explanatory! That's two and a half years without a decent holiday. What are you waiting for? When the HR department starts to make more sense than you, it's time to move. And fast.

We suggest: Central America overland

This has got to be a big trip. You need to make that big pile of leave worthwhile. Get right out of your life and throw yourself into something completely different. Central America. And make it a long overland trip, through eight different countries, where you're stopping at little villages, exploring ancient temples, drinking mojitos on the beach and wearing a very colourful stripy poncho thing.


  1. The stars align and all indicators point to HOLIDAY

You know what we mean. Like when you finish up at a job and haven't quite got the next job sorted. And your lease is up. And then your friend mentions that his trip to Cambodia leaves in three weeks but that he wishes he was going with someone. And then your mum gives you $1500 that she's been meaning to give you from the sale of the piano that was technically yours.

We suggest: Cambodia, obviously

The universe is screaming at you: GO TO CAMBODIA WITH YOUR MATE YOU HAVE NO JOB YOU ARE BETWEEN HOUSES YOU HAVE LOOSE CASH GO GO GO GO GO GO. Just book the trip, pack your bag and go. Please. The universe can't make things any more blindingly obvious.


  1. Your home insurance is paid, your car is serviced and your hair is cut

Your tax return is filed and you are pretty clear how much data you have left on your phone plan this month. You clearly have too much time on your hands. And you are frittering it away doing really mundane stuff. Sure, that stuff needs doing to keep you functioning as a productive member of society. But all of it done? No. That's just not right.

We suggest: Africa

You need something time consuming and unpredictable. Head to the wilds of Africa. Watch lions sleeping in the sun. Dance with Masai tribes people. Watch baby elephants play in the water. Climb a mountain. Wear beaded jewellery. Swim at pristine beaches. Each day is different and you never know what's coming.


  1. When travel jealousy is getting you down

Remember that time when your best friend told you about sitting on a plastic stool in a backstreet of Chiang Mai eating slurpy coconut noodles? And instead of going, “wow, that sounds awesome” you just kind of wanted to kick her in the shins? That's what we're talking about.

We suggest: Italy

You need somewhere that just about can't be topped. You can't feel jealous of anyone's holiday when you've been to Italy recently. When you've stood at the foot of Michaelangelo's David and wept at its beauty, then headed out into the sunshine and devoured the best pistachio gelato anywhere in the world. Life doesn't get more glorious. That's what you need.

  1. You loiter outside travel agencies and you open all your flight discount emails

When you start reading all your travel sale emails in great detail, it's time to act. Especially if they are from My Adventure Travel...

We suggest: You choose

Don't wait for the right email or the biggest discount. Decide where you want to go and book that. You know there are never any regrets with a holiday. Plus, you can almost always get a great discount if you just speak up!


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