2016's travel hotspots

19 February 2016


We are well and truly in the swing of things for 2016 now and no doubt your Christmas break feels like a lifetime ago. So, if you're anything like us, you've already blocked out your annual leave and are hanging out for your next getaway to keep you on your toes. The only question that remains is where in this big wide world to explore next? We at My Adventure Travel like to think we are pretty well travelled and on top of what's on trend when it comes to travel. So, to help you narrow it down, we've rounded up our pick of eight travel destinations we think are the places to be!


Much more than just ice, this land way up north will take you by a beautiful surprise. Be prepared for unique lava landscapes, blank sand beaches, geysers gushing metres into the air, natural hot springs and glaciers a plenty.

It's capital, Reykjavik, is an emerging hotspot for nightlife and nocturnal activity. Most people spend some time in this surprisingly cosmopolitan city, then hop on over to the famous Blue Lagoon. Located in a lava field on the Reykjanes Peninsula, if you only see one thing in Iceland, this 9-million litre geothermal pool of warm water would be it . The 38 degree Celsius water originates from 2000 metres below sea level and renews itself every 40 hours. The lagoon has seen a massive increase in visitors so we'd say get in while it's still hot- literally!

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With direct flights now running from the U.S in light of the recent embargo lift, everybody suddenly wants a piece of Caribbean Cuba before its charm becomes tainted. Cuba has now opened it's doors up to Americans - and there's a line well and truly out the door and around the corner waiting to get in! The environment is almost untouched- think extremely hard to come by WiFi and a Communist ban on commercial advertising.

Spend your days wandering through Havana's old colourful cobblestone streets, filled with men playing cards, women smoking cigars and live music following your every move. Spend your nights sipping on rum as cheap as water while you experience the Cuban salsa scene come to life. You'll feel like you're living in another era - but for how long this will last, we can't be sure. Go now before commercialisation swallows it up.

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This African island jewel nestled in the Indian Ocean is a melting pot of flora, fauna, aquatic landscapes and dazzling diversity. From rainforests to deserts, lemurs to iguanas- if it's the great outdoors you want it's the great outdoors you will well and truly get. The wildlife here is spectacular, they are home to 5% of unique flora and fauna in the world that are exclusive to Madagascar. Of this 5%, the lemur is perhaps the most well known. The cat/dog/squirrel-like primates are full of quirk, with interesting vocalities ranging from making sounds likened to whales, police sirens and timid mice! Other interesting animals you may stumble across include frogs, chameleons, turtles and whales.

The remarkable natural landscapes that play home to this unique wildlife range from 5000 km of coastline, 450 km of barrier reef, canyons made of sandstone, rice paddies and of course one of their major sights,  Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve (pictured). Tsingy in Malagasy translates to 'walking on tip toes', which is quite suitable due to the abundance of limestone needles that makes up this site. Madagascar truly is a kaleidoscope of wildlife and landscapes not to be missed.

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With Jetstar now flying you over for a great price, there's never been a better time to explore the land of the rising sun - and at any time of year. Go in Summer for Mt Fuji, Autumn for the leaves, Winter for the knee-deep powder and Spring for Cherry Blossom season. There are an array of mind-boggling food options on offer - $8 ramen and Gyoza coming out of your ears. And an array of cafes...owl and cat cafes to be precise.  Fancy your latte with a side of cat or owl petting? The Japanese truly have thought of it all.
Explore Kyoto for beautiful temples and culture, or tackle tech-forward Tokyo... Japan finds a way to be one of the most quaintest and bustling destinations all at once.
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Every corner of Croatia will make you feel like you are in a postcard. The scenery here is it's big draw-card... the magical coastlines, sandy beaches with deep blue water and beautiful walled cities will have you mesmerized. Croatia is ideal for those sun seekers wanting a relaxing holiday without feeling the pressure to tick off too many attractions - its attraction is it's main attraction! Take some time to walk the walls of Dubrovnik (pictured) or cliff jump into the clear, deep water.  Or perhaps you want to live the high life in Hvar, with yachts, DJs and bars to rival Ibiza. The calm, warm seas make for smooth sailing and with many islands and seaside villages to explore, it's a popular way to see the country.

Greece - take a step down from the throne, it's Croatia's turn to rule.

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Galapagos Islands

Serving as the inspiration behind Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution, there are few places on earth that fascinate quite like the Galapagos Islands. Comprised of 19 volcanic islands, they each offer their own diverse and unique landscapes, including white sandy beaches, black volcanic ash islands and blue azure waters. But the real attraction the brings people here is the unique wildlife like no place on earth. Where in the world would you see a giant tortoise, an iguana that can survive on both land and water and birds with blue feet? No where is the answer. The Galapagos Islands has several endemic species, so you'll be spoiled for choice with what you might come across.

The Galapagos is the trip of a lifetime for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and anyone looking to visit one of the most unique places on earth. Make sure you take your snorkel, as swimming with penguins, seals and iguanas is as beautiful as it is bizarre!


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Sri Lanka

With golden beaches, deliciously spicy cuisine, ancient cities to roam, flowing waterfulls and lush tea plantations - Sri Lanka is an island nation that is not to be bypassed.

If it's pristine waters with European architecture you're after, head to Galle or Mirissa. For surfing and lagoons, try Arugam Bay. Feel like some leopard spotting? Yala National Park will sort that out. Kandy is a popular town  for seeing 'Buddha's tooth' and if you're up for a beautiful climb, venture up Sigiriya Rock for breathtaking views.

Boasting 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, for a relatively small island nation they sure have plenty to offer. It's been likened to the 'New Bali' so if you want to explore an island paradise without the hoards of Aussies, you will love it here.

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Known as "The Golden Land" thanks to the thousands of gilded pagodas scattered around the country, Burma will make you feel as though you have truly stepped back in time to what Thailand was around 25 years ago. The simplistic Buddhist way of life has seen this Asian country operate at it's own pace.Visit the Ancient city of Bagan for over 2000 Buddhist temples which date back to the 11th century. The most popular and magical way to do this is to take a hot air balloon at sunrise. When you're hungry try a traditional Burmese Curry and the Avocado and Tea Leaf salads - the food here is fresh, unique and very cheap for Westerners. A local beer will cost you around $1, and meals can start at under that!   The people you will find are very welcoming of tourists as they don't get as inundated as their neighbours, China and Thailand. However, they are predicted to get a huge rise in tourist numbers in the next few years, which is why you should go before it gets too crowded. With donkey and horses as transport, limited ATMs and only a handful of mobile devices - Burma truly is old world charm at it's pinnacle.