14 reasons why travel is priceless...(or at least the best thing money can buy!)

4 December 2015

14 reasons why travel is priceless...(or at least the best thing money can buy!)


The new friend you meet may not become as close to you as your friends back home – but you’ll both be the only two that know about that sunset in the Sahara, or the kind Vietnamese grandma who cooked you beef pho. You’ll always share a bond, and a pretty cool one at that


You can taste authentic food that no Michelin Starred restaurant can replicate. You’ll be surprised at how delicious street food served on a paper plate can be


You’ll pick up more Spanish in a remote Bolivian village than your phrase app ever taught you on the train ride in to work


Dancing the night away, barefoot on a sandy beach in Thailand will make you kick yourself for paying those hefty pub entrance fees back home


#nofilter, because when travelling, you’ve already got a filter, two of them actually. Your eyes. Travel opens your eyes to spectacular views that no Instagram page will be able to top


The feeling you get when the French waiter not only appeared to have understood your dinner order, but when the correct meal is then served up to you. Très bien!


Getting well and truly lost – it used to be scary and daunting, now it’s one of the best ways to explore a new destination


Local souvenirs – sure it’s cool when your friend brings you back a Polish shot glass. But when you glance at the rug you picked up from Turkey sitting on your bed, you can be instantly taken back to the moment the sweet Turkish woman served you in a bustling souk


Sunsets – they differ all across the world and no two are the same. Whether you’ve conquered the Inca Trail that day or are having a daiquiri in Koh Samui, you’ll be mesmerised wherever you are


...and sunrises – maybe you’re still up from the night before or awoken early from jet lag - the crack of dawn is always better in a new place


Thought your tram ride to work was packed? Travelling will blow your mind when you learn exactly just how many people can be squeezed into the one Tuk Tuk, back of a motoped, or on a donkey. (Hint, it’s a lot!)


You will be filled to the brim with unique local knowledge best learned firsthand. You may think you've got Sri Lanka all figured out after reading your guide book cover-to-cover. But travelling opens the wider door to learning exactly how to do that local dance, carve that coconut or use chopsticks the real way


On the learning note - you'll discover skills you didn't even know you had. When else would you learn you're a wicked white water rafter, pro at crossing a gorge or a sky-diving sensation? You've gotta try it to know! Travelling often encourages you to try new activities you never would back home


Memories. The memories you have from your travels will last much longer than those designer sunglasses you invested in. Photos, thoughts, stories, people - you may just be stuck with them for life!

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