28 sure signs that you are totally addicted to travel

9 July 2015

Has your family become a little worried about your nomadic ways? Do your friends talk about your lack of commitments behind your back?

Pffff. Who cares. Domestic stability is overrated.

Or, just maybe, you could have a problem. Here's 28 signs that you could be a travel addict:

1) You aren't content unless you have a trip booked

Actually, that's a stupid statement. You always have a trip booked. And another one in the planning stages. And the few after that are ideas waiting to see which one scrambles to the top of the priority list.

2. You know your passport number off by heart

And you know the expiry date. You can fill in those customs forms blindfolded.

3. You have the international clock and weather on your iphone set to about 27 different places

And you check in on them. It just feels good to know it's 29 degrees in Buenos Aires today.

4. You don't own a fridge

Packing up and leaving is so much easier with no fridge involved.

5. You have a bowl containing the dregs of several currencies on your bookshelf

And you know which currency is which at a distance, and how much it will buy for you in its home country.

6. Your 'career' is totally based around flexibility for travel

If you can call it a career. More like a loose string of money-making tasks to fund your travels.

7. Your stories always start with “This one time when I was in [insert place name]... ”

Not because you're showing off. Just because that's where your stories come from. (And yeah, it does sound prett-tty cool.)

8. You can sling your wallet, phone, laptop and belt into a plastic tub at customs in record time

There are always fools holding that damn queue up. What the hell are those people doing?

9. After watching 'Into the Wild' you added 'learn how to butcher a moose' to your to-do list

That guy totally had the right idea. (Except the ending bit. That was a downer.)

10. When you wake up, you need to open your eyes to be totally sure what bed you are in

You can guess with your eyes shut, but you are not always right.

11. You know a good airfare deal when you see it and are ready to pounce

Maybe you weren't planning a trip to Santiago, but how can you pass that price up?

12. You are perfectly comfortable sleeping in a chair

Or on top of a suitcase. Or pretty much anywhere with a surface that isn't already occupied by toddlers or animals.

13. Your home cooking style resembles an international food festival

Cambodian fish curry with Indian naan and Moroccan couscous, anyone?

14. Your bucket list is extraordinarily long

Well, you can't really call it a bucket list. More like a list of everywhere in the world.

15. You handle google maps like a racing car driver

If anyone needs to go anywhere, you can find the best route in under 7 seconds.

16. You reach for your Swiss army knife regularly

Like when you want to pull a cork from a bottle of wine. Or cut your nails. Or fashion yourself some cutlery from a twig.

17. You never have any money as you are always paying off the last trip or saving for the next trip

Eternally broke. But rich in experience, hey?

18. You say 'you only live once' pretty regularly

Or at least YOLO. (And you actually mean it.)

19. You have broken up with perfectly nice partners to travel

Some things have got to be sacrificed for a wandering lifestyle.

20. Your semi-packed travel bag stays out on the floor of your bedroom

It's just not worth putting it away. Plus, you know where everything is in your bag.

21. And you keep your toiletries in a toilet bag in your bathroom

You like it that way. It makes you feel at home.

22. You mentally convert the price of things to other currencies

“Ten dollars for a burger? I could buy twelve bowls of pho in Hanoi with that!”

23. You feel that a home toilet is the ultimate of luxuries

Just imagine, being able to go to a clean toilet WHENEVER YOU WANT.

24. You can pick up a travel bag and pretty accurately estimate its weight

This bag? 8.5 kilos. And this bag – 22 kilos. Lose the heeled boots and the hair dryer.

25. You can find your way out of any underground station by instinct

Sometimes you just have to follow your heart. Lord knows the signage wont help.

26. You don't waste any time thinking the monkeys at a tourist site are cute

You know that they are just casing you until they can get into your bag, steal the half-eaten bread roll and throw your tampons at passing tourists.

27. When you check in to a flight, you find yourself wistfully browsing the departures board

Wishing you were going to all those places as well. Too many places, not enough time.

28. You have friends all over the world

Your facebook friends are a truly international mob and there's a welcoming face (and bed) in just about any port. That's your reward for your travel addiction.