What defines a well-spent 20 bucks when it comes to cheap travel? Good value? A lasting memory? Or maybe a cool souvenir? Perhaps something authentic, something fun, something memorable.

If you have the local equivalent of a couple of tenners in your pocket, we reckon you can't go past these great ways to spend it.

1. Rollerblade At Venice Beach

Experience Venice Beach in the US like a local. Strap on your blades and join the throngs travelling along the bike path. There are bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, walkers and dog walkers.

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There are street performers, people lazing on the sand, people playing beach volleyball – and you, wind in your hair, skating backwards in your shiny shorts with your ghetto blaster on your shoulder. California's classic beach scene on wheels. What could be better?

Two hours rollerblade hire: $US16 = $A20.70

2. Eat Peking Duck in Beijing

This classic dish of slowly roasted, crispy-skinned duck tops the list of the most sought-after meals in China. But you need a good version, so do your research – don't waste this experience on a soggy-skinned bird.

Picture: Getty Images

The serving of the duck is part of the experience – the duck will be sliced at the table by a chef, ready to be pancake-rolled with cucumber, spring onion and sweet bean sauce. Take a friend and share a whole duck. It's food heaven.

Whole Peking duck shared with a friend: About 100 yuan each = $A20.80

3. Hike The Grand Balcon Sud

Views of Mont Blanc, western Europe's highest mountain, are your reward for $20 well spent. Heading off from Chamonix in the French Alps, you'll spend your dosh on the cable-car ride up the mountain to Planpraz, the start point for this hike.

Picture: Getty Images

It's an easy two-hour walk through grassy alpine meadows, with sterling uninterrupted views of the snowy peaks of Mont Blanc. France's Grand Balcon Sud is surely one of the best short day walks you're going to find anywhere in the world.

Planpraz-Flegere cable-car return trip: 16.50 euros = $A22.80

4. Sip Cocktails In Mumbai

Take yourself out of the sensory overload of India's streets for a little high-class break in Mumbai. Head to the Four Seasons hotel and take the lift to the 34th floor – that's the open-air rooftop bar, AER.

Picture: Four Seasons Mumbai

The 360 degree views across Mumbai's rooftops are stupendous. Take a friend and go at happy hour for two-for-one cocktails. (There's a cover charge for non-Four Seasons guests on Friday and Saturday, so to meet your $20 budget, you'll have to choose another evening.)

Grab a cocktail and settle back in the designer chairs to listen to some tunes and take in the stunning city views.

Happy hour two-for-one cocktails: 995 Indian rupees = $A20.50

5. Shop Up A Storm At The Maasai Market

The Maasai Market is Nairobi's one-stop-shop for all things in the local handicraft department: jewellery, basketware, fabrics, bags, clothing, stone carving, wood carving and more. It's not just Maasai crafts on offer – it's goods from all over Kenya and there's a lot of bright colour on display. The market moves around to different locations in the city on different days of the week, so make sure you know where you're headed.

Picture: Getty Images

And what will your $20 get you? Maybe a colourful, handmade purse and some beaded sandals. Maybe some earrings and a shoulder basket. Our favourite? A classic east African kikoy, or striped sarong. Beautiful colours and super-handy while travelling.

Shopping spree: 1450 Kenyan shillings = $A20

6. Ride The San Francisco Cable Car

Whoa, we hear you say, I'm not in for a tourist ride, I'm looking for an Experience. But hear us out. San Francisco is mighty hilly. If you want to explore the city properly, from Fisherman's Wharf to Chinatown, to the galleries, the organic coffees, the street art and the designer boutiques, you'll need some transport assistance.

Picture: Getty Images

A day pass gives you access to buses, street cars and cable cars, which will take you anywhere you want to go in the city. Delving into San Francisco is an Experience. (And anyway, how can you go there and not ride a cable car? That would be lame.)

Cable car one day passport: $US13 = $A16.80

7. Watch Tango In A Buenos Aires Milonga

The tango shows in Buenos Aires are amazing – talented dancers performing with an intensity backed by years of tradition. But these shows will cost a fair whack more than our $20.

Picture: Getty Images

Instead, head to a milonga, a local tango club where regular people take to the dance floor. The evening starts happening about midnight in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Buy a glass or two of Argentinian red to get your courage up. Watch respectfully and if you know the protocols and are feeling brave (and skilled at tango), make eye contact with someone across the room and hit the D floor.

Two wines and entry to a milonga: About 120 pesos = $A17.50

8. Spend A Day At The Louvre In Paris

The Louvre is the most visited gallery on the planet – the world's population can't be wrong. And they're not. It's amazing. There is enough art to fill a week of visits – a day is barely scratching the surface.

Picture: Getty Images

Famous works include the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, Liberty Leading the People and Une Odalisque. But then there are whole rooms of Dutch masters, Egyptian mummies, Greek antiquities and the grand furnishings of pre-revolutionary France. You'll be physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the day.

Day ticket for the Louvre: 12 euros = $A16.70

9. Feed Your Friends Street Food In Hanoi

A bowl of pho (noodle soup) – about $2.
Bun cha (grilled pork and noodle dish) – about $1.50.
A bahn mi (filled baguette) – about $1.
A glass of bia hoi (beer) – about 40 cents.

Picture: Getty Images

Do you see what we're getting at here? It's cheap. Take all your travel buddies out for beers and a street food dinner in Hanoi, Vietnam – your shout. Delicious food with friends is a good time that rarely comes this cheap.

Food and beer: 334,000 Vietnamese dong = $A20

10. Cycle The La Farola Road In Cuba

The road between Imias and Baracoa in Cuba climbs over the Sierra del Purial and the winding, steep descent is something of a classic bike ride. The La Ferola descent is nine kilometres of white-knuckle riding as you twist your way through lush forest down the side of the mountain and drop into the charming coastal town of Baracoa.

Picture: Getty Images

If you're a keen cyclist, do the whole 70-kilometre route. But if you're just in it for the thrills, get a lift to the top of the hill from Baracoa and freewheel down. Your $20 will cover your bike hire, a lift to the top and some of the local specialty for energy – Baracoa chocolate.

Bike hire, driver and chocolate: About 15CUC = $A20

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