Into Africa: Odyssey in to the land of Golden Serengeti & Masai Mara

18 March 2015

Africa is a dusty continent of sprawling plains, a golden Serengeti and forbidding beauty; a cultural potion of tensions, celebrations, traditions and colours. Falling in love with the romanticism of Africa is easy through the limited lens of travel blogs and second hand stories. Though no affair of wanderlust is complete without a journey of your own, and though you may have talked yourself out of traveling last year, now is the time. Fifty two countries, fifty two possibilities and billions of possible experiences waiting for you within. Prepare to be challenged, captivated and carried away by the surging savannahs that will soon be crunching under-wheel, as you cruise the landscape on an overland tour in an uncovered Jeep, clutching a camera.

Kenya & Uganda


Have you ever wished for a night under the stars, the universe twinkling in your eyes as you count stars and spot dying planets blazing across a velveteen blanket? Your first night in Eldoret will be more than a spellbinding moment, as the African wilds cricket, ribbet, nuzzle and roar a welcoming concerto. Soul stirring memories aside and camping trips aside, an adventure trip into the depths of Uganda will satisfy every whim playing on your mind, from a mountain gorilla trek, canoeing on Lake Bunyoni, rafting down the White Nile River, to rolling through dirt, rock and debris, observing game at Massai Mara and studying one of the world’s most diverse food chains.

Botswana and Victoria Falls


Think about iconic Africa; the sun-tanned lion, the flighty gazelle, the waterhole wildlife convergence, the glint of sunlight rebounding off baked grasses. If you’re searching for something out of a ‘best of’ adventure holiday, the Botswana and Victoria Falls holiday will satisfy your african safari urges, providing genuine pleasures and a sprinkling of modern comforts. From the grassy bushman huts, to the comfortable lodge where you’ll rest your head, you’ll need all of your energy reserves to explore the startling Okavango Delta; what you know, and what you think you know will be washed away by the experience and reverence of the local people, as they teach you the intricacies of bush life.

Monkey Around, Don’t Take it Lion Down

Admit it, you’re obsessed with animals. All animals. Big, small, scaly, slippery, wriggling, walking, climbing and stalking, Africa is blessed with a grand abundance of wonderful wildlife, and you can see them all. In one holiday? Sure, why not? Rhino watch from a safe distance on the banks of Lake Nakuru; catch up with our cousins in the trees of Kibale Forest National Park and have a happening time with a hippo (but not TOO happening) at Lake Mburo. Your options aren’t limited; you may see lions, baboons, gorillas, flamingos, several bird species, antelopes, zebras, giraffes and elephants. You may be tempted to return, again and again. We are not responsible for any travel addictions that may result from this tour.

Are you inspired yet? Do you have a favourite African memory you’d like to share with your fellow readers? How about a few travel tips and safari essentials? Let us know in the comments below.