The 12 most clichéd travel photos

16 March 2015

We've all done it. Done the obligatory daggy tourist pose when the location calls for it.

Why wouldn't you? What's the point of being thousands of kilometres from your loved ones if you can't secretly release your inner dag? And then post it on social media.

Here's our line-up of the 12 most clichéd travel photos.

Riding on (or standing next to) an animal

An elephant, a yak, a monkey... anything will work. As long as you are near it looking excited, or on top of it looking excited, you can tick this box.

Sahara Desert, Morocco


Holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Holding up that ol' leaning tower. Perhaps the world's most-often-posed-for photo. (Although, quite frankly, this lass looks far too relaxed to be holding up such a heavy building. It's just not realistic. If you do pose for this photo, please, put your shoulder into it and grimace.)

Pisa, Italy

Arms out in front of Christ the Redeemer

No, you are not the only person who ever thought of doing this. Others have done it before you. And are  doing it now. And will be doing it tomorrow.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Loving it up in Paris

While in the City of Love, it's worth putting on a public display of affection for posterity. Even if it's just with that boy you met in the hostel. If you don't go for the classic snap in front of the Eiffel Tower, try a relaxed lean on a bridge over the Seine.

Paris, France

Awkward selfies at monuments

Rome, Italy

Pretending you are the only person at the Taj Mahal

There are so many people visiting the Taj Mahal, you have to time it perfectly to get a shot without a crowd. That's an art form in itself.

Agra, India

Posing in front of the Las Vegas sign

Well, what are you in Vegas for if it isn't to look at things with shiny lights? (And some Vegas sign history for you – to celebrate the sign's 50th anniversary in 2009, the world's largest bikini parade was launched at the sign. Ah, Vegas, is classy your middle name?)

Los Vegas, Nevada, USA

Kissing the Sphinx

It was a neck-and-neck battle for which shot would make the list – kissing the Sphinx or walking like an Egyptian in front of the Pyramids. Kissing the Sphinx won by a whisker. A classic.

Cairo, Egypt.

Jumping... oh, anywhere

At the beach, on a mountain, anywhere with a view – all places that are enhanced by a good, solid feet-up-in-the-air jump.

Crossing the Abbey Road zebra crossing

Ahhh, priceless. Beatles fans forever walking across this immortal bit of road. (Interesting fact on the side: the crossing was actually moved a few metres over 30 years ago, so it isn't quite the same crossing as on the album cover. And if you are some kind of weird crossing-loving Beatles fan, there is a live webcam:

Holding any monument in your hand

The Eiffel Tower is certainly one of the classics, but this pose will work for just about any famous monument or building. Popular things to hold in your palm (or pinch the top of) include the Taj Mahal, the Washington Monument and the Statue of Liberty. What a quirky, amusing and surprising snap!

Paris, France

The old classic this is me standing in front of something

The perennial all-time favourite of travellers around the world. Here I am standing somewhere famous. Check it, yo.

Palacio de Oriente, Madrid, Spain