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The Top 5 Australian Clichés You'll Hear Travelling

30 December 2014

The Top 5 Australian Clichés You'll Hear Travelling


The Land Down Under. Australia. Or Straya as it’s so fondly coined by jocular Aussies. Somehow Australia conjures up cringe-worthy responses when mentioned in front of a foreign national. It’s safe to say that at least 80% of conversations with a foreigner will start off like this: G’daaaaayyyyy mate! You’re an Aussie? Fair dinkum maaaate. Can I see your kangaroo? Can I ride it? Throw another shrimp on the barbayyy. Although the blame for these stereotypes can be spread between over-the-top Australian tourism ads (Where the Bloody Hell Are Ya?) and Crocodile Dundee, we can’t help but (on the odd occasion) encourage the stereotypes even further.

The time has come, however, to debunk these myths. And if you stay a while, we’ll even throw a prawn on the BBQ for you.

You Can’t Leave home without Being Attacked by Wildlife

I hear in Australia, the folk have to wrestle crocs out of their backyard, jellyfish will leave you for dead, and spiders will conspire to invade your home.

Okay, you got us. We’re not saying that any of these things haven’t happened before, but the chances of them occurring are few and far between. And while Australia does have many creatures that can fatally wound you, most are too timid and afraid of humans to attack. As long as you keep your wits about you, don’t interfere, and shake the spiders out of your shoes, you’ll usually be safe.

Australians heart Fosters Beer

Many Australians can confirm that the first time they tried Fosters beer was while travelling overseas - unknowingly realising that it was actually an Australian beer. Fosters may be popular through exports, however it is probably the lesser-preferred of the amber ales in Australia.

Kangaroos are a valid and popular form of transport


For many a year, kangaroos have been portrayed as super-human animals who kick box, speak, and can come in handy as an alternative for a car. None of these traits are true – at all. Well, maybe the kick boxing part is…

What? You mean Sydney is not the capital of Australia?

Sydney is not the capital of Australia? No. Sorry, it’s actually Canberra. Can-berr-what? This small city in the Australian Capital Territory is well-known as a residential hive for politicians, diplomats, and foreign embassies.

Witchetty Grubs for dinner?

Besides Vegemite and kangaroo meat, Australians don’t eat many strange foods. Most of the time, these rumours come about because we are playing pranks on other people, and enticing them to eat the ‘local’ cuisine. In reality, it’s unlikely that we will throw a couple of Witchetty Grubs and Dung Beetles into a stir fry for extra crunch. Australia actually prides itself on its fresh food, including fresh-off-the-trawler seafood and locally sourced fruit and vegetables.