Top 10 Places You Must Visit in 2015 Part 1

18 December 2014

2014 has almost officially left the building. Remember those pesky resolutions? Promises we all make to each other, ourselves, our jobs, our families or even the collective sanity of the planet? Between getting to the gym more, eating clean and establishing the infamous though elusive work/life balance the “professionals” gab on about, make sure 2015 is the year you let go of your travel preoccupations and just explore. Sure, you’ve read a lot of travel articles in your time, you may inhale guide books and travel agent brochures, determined to absorb the aromas, fashion and feisty, unusual cultures by osmosis but you have never taken that final step and saved for your dream holiday, let alone booked it. Make this year about you, the world and channelling the authentic intrepid spirit infecting your toes with wanderlust upon spotting a holiday sale. It’s never too late to get out.

Don’t know where to start? Do you have one or two destinations picked out already? Short on round-the-world inspiration? Don’t despair! We have you covered. Here are our Top 10 Places You Must Visit in 2015…Part 1!


Charismatic chaos characterises the narrow lanes and congested streets of the vibrant vendor culture; food is not just a staple here, but something to be savoured, experimented with and above all, enjoyed for each and every morsel. Diving into Cambodia is a true cultural immersion, unexpected and hard-hitting; you’ll be dazzled by the undulating emerald valleys, the expansive ride paddies, majestic temples and spiritual hotspots, not to mention the friendly, welcoming people.

Must See: Angkor Wat

A vast Khmer architectural victory perches on a verdant mound in the middle of a lake, spires, wings and rooms, far beyond a casual counting. Angkor Wat represents the legacy of kings, the stories of warriors and the influence of both Hinduism and Buddhism on modern Cambodia. Put aside a couple of days to get the most out of your Angkor experience.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a global secret staring travel buffs blatantly in the face, an after-thought dismissed as too dangerous and unstable, rife with corruption. Similar to Colombia, Sri Lanka is experiencing a tourism renaissance, as globe trotters dust off their passports and lose themselves in a stunning collection of World Heritage Sites, forgotten villages, a fertile and diverse countryside and the glimmering allure of fine sanded beaches, lapping at the seams.

Must See: Adams Peak

Adam’s Peak is the perennial adventure seekers solution to itchy feet, offering an intermediate climb with breathtaking views and a sense of achievement, when you finally behold the beautiful horizon and the lush lands below. You’ll be humbled and excited all at once, as you trek through the Peruvian jungle and begin your ascent, fascinated by the rich landscape and cheeky local fauna.


A sun-tanned oasis in Sub Saharan North Africa, Morocco tantalises and touches the imaginations and desires of every traveller, a kaleidoscope scattering of Medinas traditions, towering mountains and desert ranges, a bold dish to sink your teeth into. The region is arresting, the milky-way uninhibited by smog, lights and Western developments, a truly magical carpet sparkling with simple pleasures and culturally diverse surprises. From the jagged coastline, to tumbling, racketing waterfalls, Morocco is sensation, gastronomy and sublime contradiction.

Must Do: The Lively Souk

Before you rub your eyes and conjure a petulant scowl, we haven’t misspelled sook. A souk, soug or bazaar is an open air market, crammed with more trinkets, rugs, home wares and gifts you’ve ever envisioned, bustling with cat calls, negotiations and confused customers. Although not for the faint of heart, put your ticker to the test at least once in the perpetual maze of Marrakech markets; you’ll meet snake charmers, gypsies, folk acts and wandering bards, eager to please a coin or two from your pocket. How can you say no to that?



Follow your feet and find the fabled city of Machu Picchu, an iconic lost city above sea level, cradled by a hill top valley, a flowing river of green grass and arching rock. Peru is more than its rich history (though arguably, its history is astounding and absolutely seductive); simmering stews, golden sand dunes, brilliant beaches and the usual array of physical adventures will startle you into action. Your soul though, will be stolen by the dense foliage of the Amazon, as your float down its serpentine waterways. Are you ready to blur the lines between past and present? Journey into Peru.

Must See: Machu Picchu

We’re aware we not long ago mentioned history doesn’t define Peru or your overseas experience, nor does it need to, but a taste of a 5000 year old civilization certainly won’t hurt. Strap on your hiking boots and prepare yourself for a will testing, gut wrenching, completely bewitching hike through the Peruvian forest, concluding on steps of the Lost City of the Incas. While you poke around and marvel at the elegance and ingenuity of these ancient people, perhaps you’ll regain a sense of childhood curiosity, without guile and full of wonder.

You’ve made it to the end of Part 1 of our Top 10 Places You Must Visit This Year. Part 2 is coming soon and full of travel ideas to tempt your passport toward another set of stamps!