Three Must Visit Movie Locations On Your Travels

16 December 2014

There once was a time when Hollywood studio sets ruled all. It was always so disappointing when you found out that your favourite film was the result of a fabricated film set, and that behind the doorway was a bunch of cables and a catering table. Nowadays, however, Hollywood sets have changed dramatically, and while your favourite film may have been set in a fantasy world, the location it was filmed in wasn’t! If you consider yourself a bit of a film buff, add one of these iconic film sets to your list of travel activities.

The Lord of the Rings – New Zealand

New Zealand is a country defined by its natural splendour. From the tip of the North Island, right down to the lowest point of the South, visitors to this wondrous country will be spellbound by the dramatic landscape. With snow-capped and rigid mountains, hypnotic woodlands, postcard perfect greenery, and untouched native life, New Zealand was the ideal location for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. You can take a trip around the entirety of New Zealand, and essentially be following the same footsteps as Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin. However, one particular hot spot for mega fans of the movies is the home of the Hobbits – Hobbiton. Located in Matamata, The Shire set was completely rebuilt for The Hobbit series, and will remain as a major attraction indefinitely. You can stay the night and have a few drinks at the Dragon Inn, frolic in the overgrown gardens, discover the tiny hobbit holes, and recreate the scene where Frodo and Gandalf finally grasped their fate: that there was one ring to rule them all, and it must be destroyed.

Hogwarts - Christ Church College, Oxford

While you may have never received your letter to Hogwarts, you can still visit the home of the famous Harry Potter. The remarkable Christ Church College set the scene for many of your favourite Harry Potter movie moments. From the Great Hall to the Quidditch Pitch, you can be forgiven for donning your wizard robes and attempting to cast spells in the hallway. Funnily enough, Christ Church association with literature doesn’t end with Harry Potter – Alice in Wonderland was inspired and written at the College by Lewis Carroll.

Sound of Music Gazebo – Hellbrunn Palace, Austria

Young, blossoming love has been an eternal recipe for movie magic, and although The Sound of Music’s Rolfe turned out to be a major traitor, one will always look fondly on the scene between the messenger boy and Liesel, the eldest Von Trapp. Set in the family gazebo, Liesl sneaks out to meet with Rolfe, and in the midst of a thunderstorm (how poetic) they dance and sing the classic song, Sixteen Going on Seventeen. While it has been relocated from its original setting, travellers can still recreate this scene in the iconic gazebo at the beautiful Hellbrunn Castle grounds.

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