5 Reasons Why It’s More Fun at Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

8 December 2014

An unspoiled seascape of small islands and limestone karsts northeast of Vietnam lays Ha Long Bay.  If the concept of the water, exploring jungles and climbing rocks triggers your adrenaline, it’s time to pack your bags and go go go!  Ha Long Bay, also known as Vinh Ha Long meaning “Bay of the Descending Dragon” serves as the most popular tourist attraction in Vietnam and one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  Here are five reasons why:


After checking-in to your accommodation and breathing in the uncontaminated air, it’s time to hit the ground running.  Or hit the water running; after all you’re surrounded in it!  Conducted by professional tour guides, spend time kayaking, rock climbing and exploring Lan Ha Bay, a growing tour site of Ha Long Bay.  After your adventures, there are a lot of groovy white-sand beaches including Van Boi and Monkey Island, perfect for swimming and a picnic lunch.

Dong Thien Cung

If you want to feel a bit like Indiana Jones or Dora The Explorer, Dong Thien Cung will make you cave in.  Literally.  Upon entering the cave, it feels like you’re immediately transported in to a natural fine art museum of rock formations.  The story behind the glorious cave is the marriage of the Dragon King and the Cloud Princess who threw a party so enjoyable that all the partygoers solidified into stalagmites.  Sounds like a party you would want to crash, huh?  Now I’m pretty opinionated when it comes to leaving things that are already beautiful, but the addition of neon lights to illuminate the cave create a surreal quality to the formation of the rocks that shows the resemblance of wild revellers.

Cua Van and Vun Vieng Floating Villages

Tourists are able to experience living life on floating villages with local residents educating them about the strong fishing culture within the community.  These small communities have lived in the water for generations, mostly making their living from fishing and the creation of traditional handmade items.  Every year, the fishing village festival is held where tourists participate in swimming and boat handling competitions as well as a folk song singing contest.

Café Kin Moi Karaoke

If you and your friends secretly consider yourselves as the next Beyoncé or just want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon belting out some classics after a successful shopping trip, Café Kin Moi is the place to party.  Although the place may need a little TLC, it’s a great way to loosen up with the locals and other travellers, with songs like ‘I Will Always Love You’ or ‘YMCA’, you’re sure to be a crowd favourite!

Halong Market

Situated in the Ha Long City Centre, Ha Long Market is the main of Quang Ninh province, built in 2003.  A market environment that is organised and clean, many tourists and locals find it easy to access and purchase what they want.  Anything from stalls selling coal-made souvenirs, woodwork and fresh and cheap seafood is available at Ha Long market.  As you wander upon the colourful environment, you can also devour on local dishes and drinks whilst finding an interesting decoration to display at the house.

From kayaking and rock climbing at Lan Ha Bay, to visiting caves and floating villages, Ha Long Bay is a tourist attraction so pure and relaxing you’d just want to stay.