Adventure Expeditions: 3 Extreme Sports for the Brave at Heart

1 December 2014

What constitutes a holiday can differ depending on who you speak to. For some, a holiday is best spent lazing around on the beach with a mojito in hand. For others, nothing could be worse. A vacation in the eyes of those who have adrenalin pumping in their veins means climbing to the highest peaks, cycling on rugged terrain, and venturing into the deepest parts of the ocean – all in one week! If you’re not the type of traveler to be satisfied by shopping excursions, long lines at tourist attractions, and lying by the hotel pool, you could take the road only brave adventure seekers have taken before you. Attempting one of these extreme, death-defying activities may stop your heart in its tracks, but at least you’ll have something to postcard home about – if you survive!

Ice Swimming in Finland

Imagine this: It’s below freezing outside and you’re standing in nothing but your swim-suit. Hold that thought – it gets better. Now imagine you are standing on the edge of a frozen lake overlooking a giant, yet neatly carved, man-made hole. Guess what? You’re about to get in. Your whole body is about to go into shock, your mind overwhelmed with fear, and your veins pumping with adrenalin as you plunge into bitterest water imaginable. You’ll probably have a flashback to that Titanic water scene where Jack and Rose are scrambling to find an object to save them from the chilly sea… They both could have fit on that door… You wish you had a door… Or at least a raft… How did you get into this cold, watery mess again? The answer: You decided it was a great idea to go ice swimming; an oddly popular pastime in Finland. It’s supposed to be beneficial for your respiratory and immune system, alleviating pains, aches and even stress. Twilight frequenters of this sport claims it’s what keeps them young. If this sounds like your (cold) cup of tea, be sure to join a club or book in advance.

Surfing Jaws in Hawaii 

Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing, so its’ only natural that you would also find the biggest, gnarliest waves. Extreme surfers from all over the world come to one spot to put their balancing skills to the test – Jaws Break in Peahi, Maui. The aptly-named wave requires surfers to be towed-in by watercraft, which is not surprising considering these mammoth waves reach up to 33 feet. While no-one has ever died when attempting to ride Jaws, it’s highly recommended that only experienced surfers tackle this activity.

Skydiving Over Everest

While many spend months training to climb the world’s highest mountain, you could always take the easy route and skydive past it. Easy… Depending on how you looked at it of course. It’s not as simple as taking a plane to the highest peak though. This elite adventure will require a fair bit of trekking. You’ll then ascend 29,500 feet into the air, higher than the Everest summit, to free-fall back to base camp. While you may be tempted to close your eyes during your descent, you achievement is only complete by feasting your eyes on the picturesque Sherpa settlement, along with the petrifying peaks and juts of the surrounding mountains.

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