Asia Street Food Tour: Where to Find the Best Street Food in Asia

24 November 2014

Are you tired of ordering the dinner special with pork wantons at your local Chinese takeaway? Once the work week is over, you sluggishly make your way to the couch, open your box of oily stir-fry and think, Where’s the adventure in my life? Where’s the spoonful of sweetness, the pinch of salt, the hint of spice?

Perhaps a vibrant escapade discovering the most glorious and authentic street food in Asia can freshen your palate and awaken the explorer within you? It’s time to leave the comfort of your couch, pack your bags and create delectable food memories that you, your friend and your stomachs can relish forever!

The Flavours of Hong Kong

Alongside the colossal skyscrapers, energetic nightlife and spectacular views, Hong Kong also packs a punch when it comes to its variety of cuisines. Whether you’re touring the Hong Kong city during the blissful day or chilly night, the number of scrumptious dishes to sample are never-ending. Looking for the most flavorful seafood and meat in town? Join the locals and other foodies at Keung Kee as they satisfy their appetites with delicious marinated duck, stir-fried seafood and juicy Hainan chicken. If you think that’s not enough, the market stall Lam Kee has mouth-watering dim sums steaming on an organised stack of bamboo boxes, ready to meet your salivating lips!

The Zing of Sri Lanka

An island filled with silky gold beaches and exotic animals awaits you. With so much to discover and experience, it’s only fitting that Sri Lanka’s food complements its fast-paced, colourful environment. For a moreish exploration in Colombo, the Pettah Market offers generous, fiery and perfectly-spiced street dishes. A delightful helping of spicy egg and onion roll, green mungo beans with shaved coconut sambal and an authentic Sri Lankan meat curry are just some of the eats you’ll experience. Go wild in Sri Lanka!

The Sweetness of Vietnam

From the quaint French-colonial buildings that permeate Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, to the serene backdrop of the Mekong River, there are numerous humble street markets for you to discover. Wanting to satisfy your sweet tooth and freshen up after a day of shopping? Splendid. Coffee made from the purest beans, accompanied with the sweet syrupiness of condensed milk is sure to transform your take on how coffee is enjoyed!  If the strong aroma and tastes of this beverage wasn’t enough to satisfy your hunger, you can feast on char-grilled prawns marinated with fresh herbs and spices, or let the sour tang of Vietnam’s traditional pho satisfy your appetite. The festivities of food, shopping and culture happily pervade Vietnam’s streets, so be sure to keep an open mind and an open stomach!

Did this make you want to leave your cosy home, remove your local takeaway shop’s menu from your fridge and pack your travel bags? If you want to experience genuine and tasty cuisines from Asia, call us at My Adventure Travel on 1300 018 390 to chat with our highly knowledgeable adventure consultants today!