The Best of the Best - Central and South America Revealed

10 November 2014

Off The Beaten Track Experiences in South America

Are you apprehensive about visiting awe-inspiring tourist attractions because of the herds of people and limited time? Perhaps you want to take on a different route; a route that only a few feet have traced, a few eyes have seen, and a few ears have heard? Here at My Adventure Travel, we think that's a splendid idea. Although exploring the most desirable tourist spots on earth is something most travellers crave to experience, could you really call yourself a traveler until you've ventured off the beaten tracks? To help you begin that special journey, we've put together some of the finest and most unique vacations around South America that will transform the way you see, the way you hear and the way you’ve ever felt about this crazy, beautiful world.


Challenge your strength and stamina on a 12 day tour of Peru filled with a rich spread of history, a tall stack of altitude and an ample serving of some of the world’s greenest forestry. Known as the Cradle of Gold, Choquequirao is a mysteriously remote Inca Trail decorated by ancient ruins and hilltop terraces that feature carved images of llamas and alpacas. Free from large tour groups blinding you with their flash photography, as well as the loud megaphones carried by tour guides, you'll never feel nettled as you appreciate some of Peru's most vibrant history and untouched beauty.

Costa Rica

Are you calling out for a life-changing, purifying experience? Brilliant; this 15 night adventure of Costa Rica will do just that! During your first five days in Costa Rica, you'll be volunteering at the Sea Turtle Conservation Project in Playa Matapalo. A pleasant escape from popular tourist sites you can find yourself safeguarding sea turtles as they lay their eggs. Other highlights include discovering the strikingly gorgeous quetzal bird and even white water rafting with new friends – are you brave enough? After helping protect endangered species, you'll happily make your way to Monteverde for some much needed down time! One of the first activities at this city is a guided sugar and coffee tour where you'll learn about how they are harvested and of course, taste a fresh brew! Once you get your energy kick, scream your lungs out on a zip line tour on top of Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve. A multifaceted vacation, allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and dive into a new life!


Ecuador is sometimes known as the benchwarmer. In between the vibrant countries of Peru and Columbia, people often forget about what Ecuador can bring to the table. Nevertheless, this 7 day haciendas vacation will change that perspective. Hike to the top of imposing volcanoes such as the VolcanPhichincha, simmer down to relaxing hot springs and take in mind-blowing sceneries! If that's not off the beaten track enough, you'll also experience the glacier-covered Antisana Volcano and wander around the picturesque mountain lake of Laguna de Limpiopungo. Say goodbye to the hustle and bustle - Ecuador offers some of the best sceneries, cuisines and tourist attractions, experienced only by those brave enough to take on a different route!

So do you think you're ready to venture off the beaten tracks in South America? Marvellous. Contact the Adventure Tours Experts at My Adventure Travel on 1300 018 390 to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable adventure consultants today!