4 Best Ways To See New Zealand - Walk, Ride, Drive & Cruise

6 November 2014

When it comes to discussing the raw and natural beauty of New Zealand, a thousand perfectly captured photographs still wouldn’t be able to do it justice. From untouched and dramatic landscapes, to weird and often stinky natural oddities, New Zealand is a truly spectacular place to visit. With each island boasting its own variety of endless wonders, a question is posed: What is the best way to see New Zealand? Whether you prefer to walk, ride, drive, or cruise, here are some of the ways you can explore Middle Earth.


They say there’s no better way of experiencing the intricacies of a destination than walking through it. As far as New Zealand is concerned, it is a great way to see the beautiful landscapes and venture into the vast wilderness. While there are thousands of kilometers to explore, you don’t need to have the world’s strongest legs to journey over this magnificent terrain; choose from half an hour or half a day, to an entire week or month! If you’re up for the challenge, try your hand (or legs) at one of the nine Great Walks. Usually lasting around two to four days, these treks allow to feast your eyes on some of New Zealand’s most iconic scenery.


Much like walking, you don’t need to have legs of steel for a bicycle tour around New Zealand. There’s nothing quite like breathing in the crisp, fresh air while you take in the panoramic surrounds and varied local attractions. From a recreational ride capped off with wine tasting, to an active mountain biking break through the rugged trail, you’re guaranteed an adventure holiday to remember.


New Zealand is also a prime destination for backpackers wanting to explore every little town by vehicle. It’s relatively easy and cheap to hire a campervan for a couple of months, although buying a second-hand campervan is a valuable solution for those who like to abide by their own schedule. This way, you can take advantage of New Zealand’s pristine campgrounds located on beachfronts or in the middle of the forest for next to nothing a night. Does spending the night listening to the waves crash outside your door sound appealing? If so, a campervan might be the way to go.


Stepping on board a cruise around New Zealand is an unforgettable experience. The natural phenomena is only heightened on the salty seas, with travellers being able to experience a number of ports in a short amount of time. Sail through the looming peaks of the majestic fiords of the Milford Sound or try not to get hit with the boiling mud, thermal springs, and geysers on the North Island.

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