Holiday Ideas | Top Unique Experiences to have in Asia

3 November 2014

Vibrant, bold, unpredictable and perhaps even a little weird – many words come to mind when one speaks of Asia. Each country in this diverse continent possesses its own fire and spice – and of course all things nice. With varying energies and sensory overloads, Asia ensures travelers with a wave of awe-inspiring and sometimes overwhelming experiences. Come on a journey with us through Asia as we explore some of its most unique adventures.

See a Sumo Tournament in Japan

Asia has many wacky sports, from indoor cycling gymnastics to Elephant Polo, but none is quite as popular as Sumo, the ancient art of Japanese wrestling. Sumo is Japan’s national sport and was originally designed as a performance with the aim of entertaining the Shinto deities. Many rituals are associated with this sport, including the purification of the ring with salt to appease the spirits. Expect lots of yelling and shouting while the two heavy opponents face off and fight for victory.

Light up the Dark with the Fireflies in Malaysia

Besides the moon and the stars, fire, and a few man-made creations, not many things can light up the dark. Also known fondly as Lightning Bugs, these tiny critters of Malaysia, channel their inner peacock to attract a suitable partner. The result for onlookers is a sea of twinkling lights - similar to the ones placed around a Christmas tree. Don’t expect to see them throughout the day though; the fireflies are best experienced by taking a trip along the river banks at the Selangor River after the sun goes down.

Take a Cooking Class in Vietnam

When a foodie travels, they are usually on the hunt for the very best cuisines from an array of street vendors and restaurants. But why find the real deal when you can learn to make it yourself? Cooking classes in Vietnam are plentiful and give students an in-depth education into the history and style of Vietnamese cooking. You’ll head to the markets with your local chef and source the necessary ingredients for your class, before heading back to the classroom (or kitchen in this case) to learn how to prepare both traditional and contemporary dishes.

Trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal

Think climbing Mount Everest is only for valiant mountaineers? Or those who have legs of steel? Sure, climbing such a mountain does require a certain level of fitness, but a hard-core trek through this rugged terrain can be accomplished by anyone with the determination to do it. Through a My Adventure Travel trekking tour, you can follow the path Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary set out in 1953 to conquer Earth’s highest mountain. Explore the mystic mountains and valleys around the towering peak, rest and relax in tea-houses of Nepal, and get a history lesson of the traditions and culture of the Sherpa – there’s so much to see and do!