5 Unique Joys of Travelling Alone

27 October 2014

On the road.... Solo style

While life on the road is fun in pairs, trios or groups, there’s a side of this that – quite frankly – can be a bit of a buzzkill. Between the friend who plays the role of schedule commander, the friend who’s only interest is drinking, and the friend who’s a timid eater (or traveler for that matter), ticking a few small adventures off your to-do list becomes a distant reality. All of a sudden, venturing abroad on a solo travel becomes just that little more enticing. Still teetering on the fence on whether to travel alone? Here’s a few points that you may have never considered.

1. Saying Goodbye to Your Itinerary

As soon as you step foot out of the plane, you are the boss; you decide where you want to go and where you don’t. You’ll never be worried about needing to pencil something in or dragging your partner to something only you would be interested in. Travelling alone means that you dictate your own schedule or lack thereof. Want to spend a day reading in a café? Go ahead. Want to tick all the major attraction off in one day? Be my guest. Even if you want to laze in bed till two, what’s stopping you? The absolute freedom of deciding your own path, without the influence of your travel comrades, is liberating.

2. Eating All the Food Without Compromise

This may seem like a trivial reason to some, but to foodies, this is a deal-breaker. Imagine this: You’re a foodie, intent on tantalizing your tastebuds with a plethora of weird infusions. Your travel companions, on the other hand, would prefer to stick to their strict paleo/vegan/carb-free regime. This makes for a lot of compromise, resulting in you potentially missing out on some of the finer delicacies. However, when travelling alone, choosing a restaurant that caters to everyone is not an issue. If you want to eat five croissants for breakfast, there’s no negotiation or judgement, food adventures are aplenty and fun!

3. Going out of Your Way to Make New Friends

While getting to the end of the day and realizing that you’ve spoken to no-one is oddly satisfying, there are times when you don’t really want to be alone in your thoughts. If you are a naturally reserved person, travelling independently forces you to interact with local and fellow backpackers. It may be difficult at first, but you’ll soon realise that a smile and the ability to say hello is all you need.

4. Experiencing the Weirder Side of Your Bucket List

Everyone has a few activities on their bucket-list that their travel buddies will likely scoff at. Whether it be a ten-day Lord of the Rings tour around New Zealand, a day-long French movie marathon, or eating as much deep-friend goodness as you can get your hands on at the Texas State Fair, all of this can be achieved and enjoyed without bizarre looks from your travel companions.

5. Getting to Know Yourself in New Ways

When no-one is looking, you allow yourself to discover what you’re capable of in a truly authentic way. Even on a short-trip, journeying alone is still accompanied by a world of free life lessons. You are completely self-reliant, and are responsible for navigating through strange streets, new cultures and languages barriers. There are always going to be bumps in the road, and you can’t expect to have it all figured out from the get-go, but solving those problems yourself is one of the simplest, yet greatest joys of travelling.

Embarking on a solo trip starts with you. If you’re ready to take the leap, let one of the experts from My Adventure Travel help you on your way. Contact one of our friendly team members today on 1300 018 390 or visit in-store today to help put your single travel mission into action.