Destination Croatia - 3 Sights You Shouldn't Miss On Your Croatia Travel

26 October 2014

Exploring Croatia: Parks and Citadels

When friends and family start their regular spiel about a European Holiday – where to go, what to do, who to take – your eyes may glaze over, as the regular list of destinations slip by, rolling off their tongues easily and without commitment. You simply must go to Paris, they say, forgetting you’re chasing more than a polaroid passage away; Croatia, you think, what about Croatia? Popular with wandering Europeans (yes, they holiday too), this destination with a difference will renew your reverence for cultural conservation, as grottos and rambunctious outposts of glamour and adventure demand your attention. There’s something about Croatia we can’t put our finger on, and you won’t be able to either, until Adriatic unfurls before you and you’re swept away in a tide of glamour, authenticity and stunning landscapes.

Medieval Dubrovnik

Rarely does one strike upon an experience that informs their sense of wonder; while Dubrovnik is not a bustling city sprawl, layered with tourist haunts, it remains the diamond of Croatia, a sparkling reminder of medieval struggles and regional threats. Walk the bone white walls of the citadel and be entranced by the visuals and atmosphere; the ramparts are perfectly preserved, housing untold stories and retaining a rich history, directly accessible by your imagination. If you’re confused at what to look at first, we suggest a longing gaze over the sapphire swathes of ocean below, before catching yourself mid-smile, caught up in the terracotta puzzle of roofing tiles and the casual swing of clotheslines of the city behind you. Why? It is a view UNESCO have deemed priceless enough to add to its exclusive World Heritage List.  You’ll certainly work up a sweat pacing the walls, so take a moment to have a cooling drink at one of the many cafes on the harbour tail. Don’t forget to protect your skin from the unforgiving climate.

The Mount Srdj Panorama

If you like grand heights and gorgeous displays of nature’s reflection beneath a sparkling sun, a ride in the cable car to the peak of Mount Srdj may be just what you’re looking for. Though the journey is reasonably quick (five minutes at most) and punctuated by a few bumps as the car changes lines, the dramatic conclusion is well worth the dollar fee to get there. While Old Town is the main attraction during the climb – the intricate maze of stone buildings is hard to ignore - the Adriatic Sea stretches out before you, capturing the attention of thousands every year.

The Falls of Plitvice

There are very few man-made creations that compare to the majesty of Plitvice Lakes National Park, an elegant network of crystalline lakes, ancient caves and tumbling waterfalls. While Dubrovnik is old and lovely, the Plitvice lake system is nominally ancient, the geological process of travertine and calcium carbonate deposits dates back to the upper Trassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. You will never visit a place so serene and teeming with life, forever changing and maintaining its twenty lakes, expanding its borders to strike out new underground limestone caves, complementing an underground city of history.

The more you explore Croatia, the more you’ll want to see. You will be bewitched by foaming waterfalls, underwater chains of sunken ships and the paths of the Premuzic Trail. Don’t waste time wishing for a live more extraordinary, tap into your sense of adventure.